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back to primary... what have I missed?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sparklyrainbowfish, Apr 5, 2011.

  1. Hi all
    I'm a primary teacher with a few years primary experience, but have been in secondary school since Sept 2009. I'm moving back to primary next term (temp post to start with) and really just wondered if there's anything major I need to catch up on from the last year and and a half?
    I am sooo looking forward to moving back; and very excited about my new school as it looks great. Any tips to ease me back in will be great!
    sparkly [​IMG]
  2. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    If you did your training in integrated studies (or whatever they were calling cross-curricular at the time) then it's all back!
    There's a lot more 'children initiating their own learning' ideas, some schools let children decide on their own topics.
    If you're familiar with PLTS, Thinking & Learning skills et al these are all in vogue too.
    All that occurs at the mo'. I'll post some more if I think of them & others don't beat me to it!
  3. Thanks Lara.
    Sadly no training in integrated studies (all separate when I was trained) but have been trying to develop thematic teaching in the past few years, so I'll probably be ok with that.
    Thinking skills etc ok too, but I'm sure I need to "brush up" on whichever type my new school uses.
    child-initiated learning... now that's new (never did teach Early Years!). The nearest I got to that was in my last year in Year 6 when we did a post-SATs project on a specific decade and I encouraged the children to choose their own area of interest within that to research and present (eg fashion, sports, art etc).
    Looking forward to it all again though!
  4. Kinda depends where you are in the country I think though Lara - here in the Midlands we seem very much in the 'sep subjects are mana from heaven' mindset (mores the pity), with no intent to change (unless forced to), from what I hear at my school and others in the area (was on a course Monday and we discussed just this actually, lamenting that if we could do things a bit more X-curric we might actually have time to do at least most of the curriculum, if not all of it).
    Can def, agree with the paperwork comment though, it is getting worse and worse imho. Getting used to the latest new clothes scheme for wasting...sorry, spending resources in a focused manner, again depending on your area can be handy (we are doing 'Every Child a Writer' - basically looking at a couple of children's writing, using APP to level all children and a couple of specific children getting individual tutoring - other schools in the area are doing 'Every Child a Counter' - the same in Numeracy - when I was down south we just called this 1:1 though, so it just depends on the local lingo I think as to what it is called in your neck of the woods).
    Good luck.

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