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Back surgery NQT year

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by worriednqt1991, Nov 20, 2015.

  1. worriednqt1991

    worriednqt1991 New commenter

    Hi all created a new profile to not be identifiable, I am currently an nqt in a maintained school, and following mri have been referred for disc removal surgery for a prolapsed disc. The only other option is to be in this pain for 2 years with no guarantee it will get better
    I am more scared about telling my school then the surgery itself, am worried about termination of contract if I'm off over the 25 days full pay, the school are very money orientated (long standing staff being 'encouraged ' to leave etc nqts put in to replace them.
    Feeling so anxious about this can anyone advice me on rights regarding to contracts :(
  2. sagesund

    sagesund Occasional commenter

    So sorry to hear about your disc problem. I had the same operation for a prolapsed lumbar disc several years ago after three years of agonising backache. Fortunately, the op was a success and after a few weeks recovery I was back to teaching as normal. I'd recommend learning some Yoga techniques to strengthen your back muscles, once you are fully recovered and with your GP's approval. Your union can give you the correct advice regarding your contract, or the Citizens Advice Bureau if you aren't in a union. Best of luck, I hope all goes well.

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