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Back on the Scrap Heap....AGAIN!!!

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by ninasimone, May 21, 2012.

  1. Well, after a few blissful AWR weeks, which I am sure the school hated having to pay, I was "released" from my duties last week as my timetable wasnt economically viable due losing Yr11s and A level groups to study leave. With no Yr 10s on my timetable, HT decided some weeks ago it it wasnt worth paying me for just teaching KS3 groups. A few tearful kids, a goodbye, some delightful boxes of chocs (and a Toberelone) and thats it for another year it seems....BACK ON THE SCRAP HEAP.
    Now I was there for over 6 months, made friends, built relationships...blah, blah, blah...you know, did all the right things expected of a good teacher and to be "released" was a real kick in the teeth.
    It does seem that supply are constantly at the mercy of decision makers, well, the financial ones at least. What really takes the P$$$ is that for the first 3 months (pre AWR) I was paid a pittance and even then schools expect loyalty and professionalism????
    It seems educational consistency and continuity is a low priority for schools when it comes to the kids learning welfare..its MONEY that talks
    For all the bloodsucking schools/agencies out there....You know there are more important things in life than just money alone...how about some common decency, reciprocated loyalty and respect...not a lot to ask for is it??
  2. Oh well. At least you got to say goodbye. I was 'released' after the head called me in on the last day of term once the kids were all gone and staff were all in a meeting. Off I trotted feeling quite upset.?i had no notice it was going to happen. I had done nearly 2 terms but was off sick a few weeks in January due to my pregnancy and when I returned the kids were all really pleased and relieved to have me back. Had a bit of work since but not the regular 5 afternoon's.
  3. ...thats the nature of supply...STOP - START - STOP - START
    ...now, as supply, this is what we expect but in your case what you experienced is simply not on
    ...what did your HT expect to gain (apart from saving a bit of cash) from treating you like a pyriah?
    ...what will the kids now get....a new teacher and all the uncertainty that goes with it... and a feeling maybe that they are bottom of the schools' list of priorities
    ...sometimes as a teacher, I get on far better with the kids than the powers at be
    ...hope things work out for you
  4. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Really sorry to hear that :(
    Even if it was a case of not wanting to keep you on because of the economics of your time table they should have given you notice so that you could have told your agency/ies. I know on long term sickness cover theres always the chance the teacher comes back but so far i've had good communication on being kept on or not.
  5. To be fair, communication was generally good. However, it was the fact that I had not factored in that the school was using economics to release me rather than educational factors.
    Had I done this, then I could have moved onto another school earlier, and I had options to do so. When I was on a long term last year, there was non of this economics **** (as it never came up for discussion) when, like everyone else's timetable, mine was reduced when Yr 11s left for study leave....
    Never mind, onwards and upwards...
  6. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    Yep, here's hoping! My curent timetable only has 3 hours of yr11 on it so I know that I should be safe in terms of not being econimcally viable, but you never can tell with some schools.

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