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Back in June and expected to write reports?!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by snj13, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Have heard some news about my return to work which has put a real downer on things for me. Going back to work after june half term.

    Through the grapevine i've found out that i will be expected to write all end of year reports due to go out 3 1/2 wks after i return for a class i don't know. I'm really upset by this as i always write reports in the may half term and can't bear the thought of leaving my baby for the first few days/ wks then coming home and slaving away writing reports on chn i haven't even taught! Our reports are also 2 hefty sides if A4.... no quick job! I pride myself on personal reports and just feel really upset this. Is it just me who thinks this is completely unreasonable? To make matters worse my mat cover is apparently now going at easter so they won't ask her to do it. Just don't know what i can do. Sorry for waffling on. Just need some reassurance really. Thank you.
  2. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    As you have not been given this request in writing you cannot formally rebut it. But if you think there is ground in the rumour then contact your union for guidance on how to deal with it if you are ever asked to do so then try to forget about it and enjoy the rest of your Mat Lv.

    What you can do if someone asks you to write the reports is firstly to tell them you will so after they put the request in writing. Then you can respond using the guidance the Union gave.

    Are you able to ask your hod off the record if this is true?

  3. I don't know what the legal implications are here - but if I was one of the parents getting a report from a person who did not know my child I would be seriously miffed! I realise this is not your fault but surely you shouldn't have to do this. Quiet word with your head? union?
  4. Glad you're feeling a bit better and definitely don't let it spoil your months off! The only thing I'd say is that, if your mat cover is leaving at easter, you don't want to be contacted about it directly towards the beginning of next half term / right away when you're back... and it's too late to get good handover notes.

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