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Baby with a cold

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Ahh, It is horrible isn't it?
    You can use calpol- might help sleep. Head slightly elevated- so something under head end of cot and just wait for it to be over!
  2. When our LO had a cold, we tried a four pronged attack! One was to put Karvol on a muslin on the bars of his cot, the second was to rub snufflebabe/Vicks on his chest before bed, third was using the nasal sprays and fourth was Calpol before bed. Seemed to do the trick!
  3. Steam- take her into the bathroom when you're having a shower. Because we have a shower cubicle one of us has to take her in with us but it works really well- her nose clears and the solid dried snot comes off her face, lol!
  4. I never found Karvol strong enough. I found that using a Boots Vapouriser works best. Its an electric unit, you put in menthol pads and it puts vapours in the whole room, so its a lot stronger. When Isobel is really bad with a cold, I have to put a new pad in the middle of the night . They normally last about 8hours per pad.
  5. Things we tried...
    - raising the head of the matress (not sure why!)
    - Karvol oil on a muslin tied to the cot
    - nasal saline spray
    - having her in the bathroom with us while we showered, steam is good I think
    - putting a bowl of water on the radiator in her room to keep the atmosphere moist.
    We were are so I gave her lots of cantaloupe melon which has loads of vitamin C, I'm sure it made no difference but I wanted to try everything!
  6. To stop the mucous rising too high and sitting on the baby's chest. Cough is always worse when you're lying down flat becuase gravity isn't keeping it down and it irritates the airwaves. That's my layman's understanding of it!
  7. AIRWAYS!! Lol. Must be bed time!
  8. Calpol to help them sleep and snufflerub on their chests always did the trick for my 2. Also baby olbas I always found better than karvol. There is a really gross thing you can buy which you pop in the nose and squeeze to suck out the thick stuff - worked like a treat on my 2nd LO. Hope she feels better soon.

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