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Baby shoes for crawlers

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Also, mums of little girl crawlers, do you still dress them in dresses or only trousers/ dungareers? I can't decide if my LO is struggling to get to grips with crawling as it's so new for her, or if her little dress yesterday was getting in the way! We have stacks of dresses in the cupboard bought for her by relatives, but they'll be no good if she can't crawl in them.
  2. I think some do get stuck with dresses because they kneel on the hem of the dress and then only try to crawl further 'into' the dress if you see what I mean! By which point, their heads have been yanked down. I'm only guessing - my LO is only at the stage of getting onto all 4s and then launching forward!
  3. The shoes are gorgeous and pretty much exactly what my crawling girlie was in! They're fine for outside; maybe spray the sole with suede protecting spray stuff? Re dresses, if they're long enough they do inhibit crawling for reason above (lily pot) my girl used to sometimes crawl on hands and feet if she was wearing a dress! If short enough it doesn't get in the way so she'll just have to be a bit of a floozy til she can walk, lol! ;-)
  4. My LO, who is just a year, lives in leggings and tops and finds getting around much easier. I don't really buy dresses anyway because they always look so impractical but a couple of times recently when she has been in party dresses for all the 1st birthday parties we have been going to she has been seriously hampered in her crawling and standing by being in a dress. I also like leggings because she is quite small waisted and other trousers always seem to fall down.
  5. I agree, definitely leggings for crawling. Possibly has something to dow ith the fact that LO thighs are too chunky for other trousers! Dresses definitely get in the way and are only worn on special occasions.
  6. When lo was crawling she wore mostly trousers as she would get tangled up in the dresses when she wore them. Now she's walking she can wear dresses again [​IMG] I ahve to say we bought cruisers from Clarks when lo wanted to walk outside. We had some of the shoes like you linked to but her feet did get a little wet.
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Thanks, v helpful replies [​IMG] I took some of her dresses back to the shop today and exchanged for some cute little joggers and tops, which look much more comfy and practical. I suppose for a birthday party or something I'll put her in a dress, but not often. Also put a bid on the leather shoes, and will get some cruisers soon, sorted! x

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