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Baby rice/ weaning etc.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by goonergirl2009, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Hi! I would like to hear what peole have done in regards to introducing baby rice and weaning with their babies. Charlotte is too young at the moment for anything other than my milk but I am interested to learn more about what 'real' people have done with their LOs. When I asked my HV she helpfully stated the 'nothing at all until six months' line but I was wondering if that was realistic or if others had started their LOs on something 'solid' earlier.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. 17 weeks at the earliest - which is what used to be recommended. - my LO is only 10 weeks - breast feeding and feel like we are miles off this stage yet - although it will come faster then I think I am sure!
    My mum had 5 children and her 3rd (1st boy) was hungry all of the time, she gave up breast feeding at 6 weeks (couldn't keep up with him) turned to formula - by 9 weeks it took 4 9oz bottles to get him to go to sleep and he wasn't sick! spoke to an old fashioned health visitor who suggested giving him a bit of baby rice as that was better for him than all of that formula! my mum introduced baby rice after that before bed. (I would not advise this sooo early) but my brother was and is absolutely fine.
    hope everything goes well for you
  3. I weaned from 17/18weeks. Don't use baby rice, it tastes awful and some have an arsnic content (according to a leading HV in my area)
    You are only allowed to feel little ones fruit and vegetables before 6months. Then a 6months the protein content, chicken, beef, fish, dairy etc. This helps to work out allergies etc, not alot are allergic to fruit and veg.
    We started on banana, apple & pear & cinnamon. Sweet Potato, normal potato.
    Annabel Karmel has a fantastic book to read.
    Also don't make it too runny, make it a little thicker and it will be easier to introduce 'lumps' at stage 2.
    If you go down the jar route becareful of the ones that have protein, for stage 1. Look for ones with just fruit and veg in. Ella's Kitchen is fantastic. Weird combinations. Orangix is good, their fruit puree pots.
    Don't worry if they don't like a food, try again the next day. Introduce the solids at midday time, thats enough time to see if they react to it or not. and won't affect bed time.


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