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baby needs op after birth.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by clematis, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. And congratulations Chrissy- brilliant that you are home at last. Sounds like you were well supported x

  2. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Excellent, it just came to me and you may never need them but they saved the day for me. xxx
  3. Hi Ladies,
    Well i'm still pregnant and very relieved about it! Time is ticking by and i'm resting and hoping to hang on a bit longer. Will see the consultant again this week and hope the fluid levels aren't too bad. I'm definitely larger and more uncomfotable but frankly I don't mind as long as she stays put as long as possible.I am getting loads of Braxton hicks but nothing more than that.
    Today we went to our first NCT class which felt like a big landmark as i really thought we would end up missing out of them. At least we've made one of them and it was useful with friendly people. Our HV came round to introduce herself and say that we will be a priority for her and she will support us as much as we need when we get back from brsitol. We feel well supported by professionals and our families.
    Am daring to hope that the 5lb babygrows i bought will fit her after all!!!
  4. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Thinking of you Ladymarm- all the best x
  5. It has been few weeks since your first post, so you are in a much better position than you were. 34 weeks almost- and 37 weeks is considered full term. Pleased you are hanging in- I do keep checking in, I can;t imagine how you must be feeling. xx
  6. Hi ladies,
    Thanks for your supportive posts. Am 34 weeks pregnant today and had consultant appt. She was really pleased i was still pg against the odds! Baby weighs approx 4lb 11 and is head down and very active. blockage still visible but severity won't be known until op is in progress. No more consultant appts til 37 weeks as she is far less worried about our baby now she's got to this stage. Apparently going into labour is still highly likely before 37 weeks but just not such a concern to the professionals. I was warned that when my waters go it will be 'spectacular' as I am the size of a woman having twins or triplets but there is only one wriggler in there! It sounds like it might be a real relief, i keep daydreaming about turning a tap on on my belly and just letting some fluid out! I know it's more imprtant that baby stays put as long as possible though.
    We are so much more happy and excited than we were 4 weeks ago and feel like we will cope with what this situation throws at us better now she is a bigger stronger baby. Aiming for 37 weeks now.....x
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Glad to hear all is well! Every day counts and your little one is getting stronger all the time.
    Re: waters, mine literally popped... I was lying in bed and heard a massive pop and then they broke- it seemed like gallons so I was sitting on a pile of old towels as the contractions started lol.
  8. Wow, what a long four weeks it must have been... So pleased your little girl is hanging in there and everyone is a little less worried. Hanging in there another 3 weeks would be superb, hope those 3 weeks pass quickly for you.

  9. Ladymarm,
    I've just read this thread through- wow, you've come so far already.
    I know there are other issues but my little man was born at 34+4 and you wouldn't know it to look at him now. He's a gorgeous chubster.
    I really hope you make it as far as you can but you are already in a very good position.
    I suspect you won't get the chance for skin to skin- is this the case? I didn't, Seb was whisked away and brought back for a brief cuddle once he was bundled up but it hasn't done us a any harm.
    Don't worry too much about the logistics such as food and things for the hospital, there are very few things that they won't provide until you are sorted.
    I agree with the Medela nipple sheids!
    I also bought the Pampers micro nappies but we had to provide our own, although the hospital did give us some one day when I ran out before my hubby arrived with supplies.
    I completely agree with the poster (lilypot) who said remember a camera. It will feel like so much is going on but in just a few months it will be a memory and those tubes and wires won't seem as scary anymore. You will want to remember your LOs early days.
    I will be watching this thread closely,
    wishing you lots of luck xxx
  10. Counting down the weeks for you ladymarm! Great that your little bean has decided to stay in a while longer :)
  11. Hello again, many thanks for your supportive ideas and messages. Am 34+5 today and feel so so grateful that i'm still pregnant. I know you had your LO now Lilypot -I keep thinknig of you this week- I would love to hang on a bit longer but your story has given me so much hope. I have seen you are having a hard time with feeding, I wish i had tips for you as you have given to me. Really hope you get some relief and useful support from professionals to help you and baby.
    I have been naughty as we haven't yet written our birthplan which is a bit silly of me, will do it this week but Mrs D. I plan to write in about skin to skin time with me and OH if at all possible as i suspect it will be similar to your experience in that several people in the room will be wanting to get their hands on our little girl- with good reason of course!
    Our last NCT group was yesterday and our tutor warned me and OH in advance that she planned to discuss complications and if your baby came early/ wasn't the healthy baby we all dream of/neonatal care. She very skillfully gave us an opening to talk to the others in the group about what our last month has been like and we were almost in tears explaining but it was good that they all know. it is funny how you just always think it'll happen to someone else, not you. i was definitely guilty of that.We also met a really beautiful tiny newborn girl who was born 2 weeks early and had a cuddle and my OH was just absolutely thrilled by that and talked about her all the way home- think it made it more real for him!
    Will keep you posted- continuing my strict regime of doing almost nothing...
  12. I too have been watching this thread closely -keep going ladymarm! Not far off full term!
    As for skin to skin - I was able to get this for a good 10 minutes - and LO was even passed round for OH and my mum to hold. This was perhaps because she came out crying so they had no need to resucitate her - so certainly don't rule out skin to skin just because LO might come early. They also waited a couple of mins before cutting the cord - which I had written in my birth plan (good job I was organised and had this done early). So ladymarm, make sure you do write one as the midwives do generally look at it and follow it.
    Oh me and my feeding problems - as my mum always says, these babies like to keep you on your toes and just when you think you've solved everything, a new problem arises. All part and parcel!
    Wishing you every bit of luck ladymarm for the next few weeks and whatever nature decides to do!
  13. How are you doing, Ladymarm?
  14. You will be going overdue at this rate [​IMG]
    Hope all is good though- must be nerve wracking x
  15. I had put skin to skin contact in my birth plan so whether that was what influenced it? Unless you also did, but for one reason or another they thought there wasn't time / a more medical reason?
    I wonder if ladymarm is still pregnant? Fingers crossed for you!!
  16. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Hope you're ok Ladymarm.
  17. Hi Ladymarm,
    I haven't been onto TES for weeks, so was so glad to find this thread of yours and read that despite the bumpy last couple of months, things are looking much more positive now. It must be a huge relief re the chromosomal tests.
    It sounds like your baby will be wonderfully looked after at Bristol, in safe and experienced hands. How great as well that you've been able to keep the pregnancy going for so long, as like you say every ounce will help your little girl.
    I really will make more of an effort to keep coming on here and reading your thread, waiting for good news!
    You really do deserve lots of good luck and I know you'll make a great Mum.
    Sarah x
  18. Ladymarm - are you still there??????
    I wonder if you are now with your LO? If so, I hope all is OK.
  19. Hello Ladies,
    Thanks once again for all your good wishes. Lovely to hear from you Sarah9- hope you are ok. Thanks FS, jonesec and lilypot and anyone else i've missed.
    Had the busiest hardest week of our lives. Went to see my consultant at 37 weeks who immediately said she wanted to induce me that day. I was monstrously large at that stage but my cervix was still not favourable!!
    Anyway was taken in to be induced that day and they found i was already contracting so couldn't give me a pessary. Waited and waited but contractions weren't up to much so was put on a hormone drip. At this point the consultant asked me to have an epidural because breaking my waters was going to be dangerous (high risk of cord prolapse) and he wanted to keep his hand holding the baby's head whilst the waters came out. Flooded a room with my waters giving everyone a laugh- i was still laughing at this stage and people were coming in to see the show.
    Then the placenta got a bit detached with the flood and things weren't so funny anymore. Vaginal birth out the window and they gave me a C section pronto.
    Anyway our little girl was only 5lb 2 but adorable and we were completely completely overwhelmed by her arrival. The next day we all came here to Bristol. her operation was done the next day and we are now 8 days post op. She is healing well and we are waiting for the go ahead to feed her as she is nil by mouth until certain fluids are favourable in her gut. It has been hugely traumatic watching her be 'meddled' with and the procedures have often brought me to tears but babies seem to be so tough. Just their parents who struggle with the process. I think we'll be here at least 2 more weeks, maybe more.
    Will keep you posted at some point as internet access not really happening at the mo. Thanks for all your tips and support. it has kept me going as have our amazing friends and family xxx
  20. Congratulations to you and your OH, Landymarm!! I have been on tenterhooks awaiting your exciting news! I think 5lb 2 is a great weight considering your situation. I wish your darling daughter a speedy recovery so you can take her home soon. Very best wishes to you xxx

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