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baby needs op after birth.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by clematis, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Exactly- another week on from when you first posted so another week of growth, which is good and your baby is being prepared for the outside world already. 31 weeks now, a friend had hers at 31 weeks- he was due on the same day as my daughter, and is 22lb compared to her 15lb10
    I was wondering how you were as well. It must be very scary, but you will get there.

    Remember the massive pants for your maternity bag- no pants are too big.
  2. ha ha- thanks moomoon! I have bought what i thought were big pants- 2 sizes bigger than normal but may look at something more grannyish!
    Thanks for the supportive message- every day makes me a big more confident x

  3. You sound like a very strong person ladymarm I cant imagine what you must be going through. Good news about the rapid results, it is highly unlikely they would be wrong. Are they certain your baby will be premature or is it just a strong possibility?
  4. i am not strong brettgirl! I am normal and have never faced anything much in my life which could prepare me for this. But it turns out even normal women find some strength from somewhere!
    They are not certain baby will be prem but I measure full term, full of fluid not full of baby so it is likely that this balloon might burst early under it's own weight! They may try and drain off fluid to stop this happening if things get dire.
  5. I have everything crossed for LO hanging in there as long as possible x
  6. Had a phoncall from hospital around 9pm last night to tell us our final amniocentesis results had come back from the lab completely clear of chromosonal abnormalities. We are hugely relieved as it is one less challenge for us to face and we can concentrate on the inevitable now- an op after birth with extended hospital stay. i have to say I was so so grateful that the midwife on duty rang us last night. it would have been so easy to think that it was after hours, bank holiday weekend too and wait to ring us on Tuesday. but she didn't.
    We found out that we are having a little girl and we want to choose her a strong name as she needs to be a fighter for the next few weeks!
    Thank you for all your kind comments- I'll keep posting x
  7. I'm so glad the amniocentesis is clear and I wish you, OH and your brave little girl all the best xx
  8. Yay!! Am so pleased the results were clear for you. Let us know when you've decided on her name - good on her!!! I'm so chuffed for you
  9. That's brilliant news am really pleased for you.
  10. congrats, been reading for a while. So pleased for you xx

    Great news, you must be so relieved.
    You and your daughter will get through this and- this time next year you will have a gigglig, crawling little girl and be worrying about sun hats, sleeping and food.
    Keep on going- you will get through this, xx
  12. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Wow! what brilliant news and what a roller coaster of emotions you have been on. I saw this thread a week ago but couldn't post due to work and then Easter commitments and logged on today to say something meaningful as the LO is asleep right now.
    I hope all goes well with the rest of your pg ladymarm and that it is restful too.

  13. thank you for your sweet messages x
    Had 32 wk scan with consultant today. baby is 4lb and has some hair, head down ready to go! Fluid continuing to increase so just waiting for it to trigger labour really. She sounded like she wasn't sure if i'd manage another two weeks but i am so desperate to give baby another lb or more before birth!!
    Shown around neonatal unit. had to bite my lip- wow, what they do is amazing and the babies are so vulnerable. Our baby may even look big compared to some of them.
    Bought last few bits for hospital bag- i heard witchhazel is fab on maternity pads for sore bits!
    Will keep you posted.
  14. It is - I went through lots of it! Lavender oil and tea tree oil in the bath too, and tea tree oil with warm water in a squirty bottle for after a wee! 4lbs is a great weight :)
  15. snowcloud

    snowcloud New commenter

    Just thought, take a V shaped pillow or breast feeding pillow if your breastfeeding or even just for support when holding little one. It helped me as I felt so tired and weak from everything and helped to support him when not well in the neonatal. So glad you were able to visit the unit first. xx
  16. Thank you for the tips- I have bought lavender and tea tree oil (and clary sage for labour) and have a V shaped cushion so will take it in with me. Thanks for that one snowcloud, I can't believe all the machines in the neonatal unit. All the drips and things are so upsetting. i talked to the consultant about the babies pain levels and how they minimise this. horrible to think of them in pain.
  17. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Since you mentioned the intention to breastfeed, I thought I'd say that babies born before 36 or 37 weeks may find latching on difficult and the support for breastfeeding in hospitals can be very hit and miss. I would really recommend that you call a breastfeeding support line now and outline the scenario which is developing. They can give you ideas on what you can do now to prepare for before reaching hospital (hand expressing and freezing colostrum in 5ml syringes may be a good idea for example). This way your baby gets off to the best start especially if she may have to be separated from you initially. they can put you in contact with a breastfeeding counsellor in your area who can offer face to face support in the community too. (be careful because lots of people are called breastfeeding counsellors but they are not so, even in the medical community)
    For anyone I'd recommend attending a breastfeeding support group before her baby arrives.
    I think you said that you are in the South West and if so,I know that the ABM has quite a few counsellors there including IBCLCs
  18. Thank you undiwear- yes i am keen to breastfeed but as the baby's digestive tract is not complete, won't be able to consider this until after she is operated on and has had time to heal. The neonatal staff are really positive about me expressing and saving milk and i think i will have good support from my sister- a midwife- and a close friend who is a breast feeding counsellor. i am lucky. I hope we will still attend out NCT classes which include breast feeding class but they are ten days away so hanging in there!!!! i think my breast milk will be fed to baby through a tube until she is ready to feed from me.i have bought a handheld battery operated medela pump so I hope i can express wherever I am- hospital, carpark etc.
    I was interested to read you post and will def shout for help if I need it. I am slightly worried that if breastfeeding becomes impossible for medical reasons or I can't manage it for some reason that I haven't clung to this dream to breastfeed too much. I have been disappointed in so many ways recently and won't get the sort of birth i hoped for, or to bring baby home for a long time and don't want yet another thing to feel guilty and sad about so am trying not to put too much pressure on myself!
    Thanks again. What does ABM and IBCLCstand for undiwear? x
  19. Hi
    Have been keeping up with your situation. Just want to pass on some support, my LO was born at the end of Dec 2010 at 29+5 weeks, weighing in at the huge 1lb 12oz. We had been through the awful and scary aminocentsis test too, so am delighted to read that it is all clear on that score. My LO (a girl) is home now two days after her EDD and doing well though a wee thing!
    The Neonatal units are fanastic, the staff at the hospital we were at were great with the babies and parents, they know how scary and worrying the whole thing is. At the hospital we were at there was an expressing room with pumps (equipment provided), support from a psychologist who I used to unburden myself too, and a parents sitting room. You will be given so much support, it is emotionally tiring and physically draining. My mat leave started straight at her birth and it felt like I lived on the ward!! My OH went back to work, he is a teacher too, but his school were so supportive, he took his paternity when LO got home.
    The fact your little one is a good weight and further on in gestation is good. I wish you all the luck in the world, hope all goes well.[​IMG]
  20. Thank you undiwear and Curly Chrissy. Your encouragement is really appreciated. i am getting slightly obsessed with counting the days and hours but i guess it makes me feel a bit of control. getting loads of tightening but think it's just uncomfortable and so hopefully not 'for real'.

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