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Baby Led Weaning??

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by blueone, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Ive started BLW with my LO and this is my third day. I must admit im finding it harder than i thought it was going to be. This is what has happened so far:
    Day 1: Broccoli, wasnt interested
    Day 2: Toasted soldiers: Sucked a bit and then started crying. Later on i gave him a bread stick and he loved it though.
    Day 3: Apple: didnt really like it, and his reaction to carrots were pretty similar.

    He has a go at picking them up with varied success from the table off his high chair, but he doesnt seem keen at all. Is this normal for the first few weeks of BLW?
    I thought he'd love food, but ive so far been proven wrong!
  2. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    How old is he? Might be worth stopping and trying again in a couple of weeks. Don't worry if they are not interested or don't eat much at the beginning, it does take a while sometimes. My LO was well past 6 months before he started picking things up and putting things in his mouth. If you are concerned about getting something into him you could always just reserve one mealtime for BLW and do breakfast and the other meal spoonfeeding which is what I did until 9 months.
    Not all babies take to BLW, although I know some people have had a lot of success on here. For what it's worth, they tend to be girls, unless someone on here can prove me wrong! Things my LO loved were roasted veg (especially parsnip, still does) and also asparagus spears, baby corn and French beans, anything long and thin basically. I could never get him to eat fruit pieces though, he would just lick them and throw them on the floor. The key is to have a lot of patience and determination and not be worried if they have off days. And if it doesn't work out, you can always come back to it a bit later on. Good luck.
  3. Hey
    We're doing BLW- we tried purees but there was so much crying, gagging and vomiting that we gave up and started doing BLW. It took some time before she ate much and sometimes she still doesn't eat much at all and fills up on milk (just over 7 months) but she is enjoying food at last! The first few days she gummed it and ate nothing

    You can try a mixture and see how that works. I would stick with some form of BLW - even if you mainly use purees, as it is so fascinating watching them eat.

    Just as an idea, this is what we have had the last few days:

    Porridge fingers and banana (ate a fair amount)
    Scotch pancakes with cheese (not much eaten- some gummed)
    Mushroom risotto (ate a fair bit)

    Porridge fingers and mango- gave it two goes, ate nothing first time, then gave a milk feed and tried again, ate a tiny amount, threw the rest!
    Hummus and pitta bread (ate the hummus and not the bread)
    Not sure about tonight

    There are days when they eat hardly anything and I feel a bit wobbly! BUT she won't be spoonfed and she looks so proud as she stuffs her mouth.
  4. My experience proves you right! My boy is very happy to be spoon fed and took weeks to become adept with finger foods (lots of gagging and choking going on!). And friends with girls do say they are far happier with finger foods (one even totally refuses ever to entertain a spoon). I think the term 'Baby-led weaning' is a bit 'right-on' and all weaning has to be baby-led, spoon or no spoon, puree or no puree (unless you force-feed your LO! lol). I know for some babies, finger foods are the only option, but purees shouldn't be seen as you having 'control' as such IMO. Anyway back to the OP, all I can advise is it takes time for babies to learn how to eat finger foods. There are a lot of skills in deciding what to eat, how to pick them up, whether to suck, gum or chew, how to 'bite' small pieces off, how to move the food from the front to the back of the mouth, how to swallow etc. Gosh, a lot to learn! I think the advice you've had to do a combination of finger foods and purees could be the way to go. Perhaps experiment with some baby rice or porridge & fruit puree (after all some foods have to be taken of a spoon -er yoghurt!). HTH
  5. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Thanks for your replies
    He is actually only 5 1/2 months so a bit young I know. As im writing this i actually think he may not even be ready for food yet. To be honest he hasnt showed interest in food, he doesnt grab at mine or anything like that. I just felt like id give it a go before he was 6 months to see how he would take to it. I just assumed he would enjoy the food and it would be easy, but i realise he has to learn how to eat. I remember when he was first born (he is bottle fed) how long it took him to suck from a teet and enjoy milk, so its the same sort of thing I guess. I may just offer him food still and see how i go for a few weeks and then re-assess the situation. It sounds really really stupid, but i have visions of him not being able to eat food properly because he hasnt been weaned early enough! Totally stupid I know !!!
  6. It does take time- we tried babs at about the same time and gave up for a couple of weeks, he will get there in his own time! She didn't really show any interest in food either so he may not be ready. You could try a bit of baby rice and see how that goes down before offering something else.
    Worries are totally normal, I too was worried I would have a baby who would never eat anything and still worry she isn't eating anything- but her nappies prove otherwise.

  7. Mine's a girl and we BLW with great success- and thinking about it, all my friend's babies who were successfully BLW are girls too! Mayeb they're more independent from an early age?!Funny. Like a previous poster said, they key is absolute patience and to relax completely; don't worry if he doesn't eat anything some meals. He's exploring food by picking it up, squeezing it etc. Have you read the Gill rapley book?
  8. Have you read the Baby Led Weaning book? I think you're getting a bit stressed about something which is meant to be fun. You offer them food, they muck about with it, some of it goes in. Mine didn't start eating much for a good 2-3 months and was still getting most of his nutrition from milk (which is absolutely fine, has more calories than broccoli anyway). He's a brilliant eater now and I was so pleased to not have to worry about feeding him, mess around making purees or sit there spooning stuff in while I could be eating my own dinner.
  9. Well, my LO is the exception to the rule and is a big lover of purees! I can't get them in her mouth fast enough, she actually cries if you do it slowly. She's 6 months and we've been weaning for 6 weeks and have only tried toast, which she was ok with but my OH was v nervous about! I know a lot of people think that purees are a faff, which is partly true, but my LO is massive amounts and consequently has been sleeping thro since she started eating large portions so for me it's worth every hour I spend making the stuff if it means I get some sleep!
  10. I tried BLW at 6 months and it started well with a mix of him trying stuff and me spooning in food in between but then he stopped eating properly and has just started again 2 months ago (was 13.5 months). Still won't eat anything lumpy so puree is good and organix snacks but not interested in anything I put in front of him for him to eat himself. I really feel that every baby is different and as someone said on a forum.... have you ever seen an 18 year old who only eats puree!!? (I'm sure someone will prove me wrong on this point though!!!)
    Also to bear in mind (its taken me 6 months to come to terms with this) that some babies eat everything in front of them and others only take what they need when they need it - this can be stressful if you have friends whose babies eat everything!!!!
  11. You need to remember that "food is for fun until they're one". That is the purpose of BLW. It's not necessarily about your baby eating finger food, it's about allowing them to play and discover about food in their own time and allowing them to decide what to try and what not to. Milk is the main source of nutrition for the first 12 months, and is fairly important for another year or so after that. I have done BLW since 6 months and baby is now 12 months. I thought she did pretty well in the first few weeks but you have just described 3 weeks food in your first 3 days, lol. I will admit that my girl doesn't sleep through, but I weaned my first on puree and she didn't sleep through til 18 months, so it's not necessarily down to hunger that babies wake.

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