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Baby-Led weaning anyone?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by leeds28, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. I really like the idea of this, but don't know anyone else doing it. LO is only 12 weeks so have got a bit of time to think about it! Any experiences?
  2. I really like the idea of this, but don't know anyone else doing it. LO is only 12 weeks so have got a bit of time to think about it! Any experiences?
  3. I was really interested in this but HV seemed dead against it and had no info, and OH, mum and MIL all thought I was mental for wanting to try it. So I went down the traditional route, but had looked at this website and thought it would have been so brilliant to do -


  4. I baby led weaned my now 1-year-old and it was fab. I will do it again with number 2 if it's appropriate for him/her, especially with a toddler around to share food!! Just let me know if you have any specific questions! There was a whole thread dedicated to it a while back too. Go for it!
  5. sjw2007

    sjw2007 New commenter

    My HV advised the puree route over the baby led and I wish I hadn't listened! The book is a really good read. I think I've missed my window of opportunity now with completely blw but would definitely do it with another one and am trying to do it as much as possible now 2 months down the line.
  6. I'm starting with a little bit of puree at the moment but it has only been 3 days and I will move over to BLW but I am not very confident yet! All the midwives etc only know about puree and spoonfeeding so it is hard.
    I do want to do it though and will start next week... what food to start with? I have the BLW cookbook and the preamble does tell you what to do but it is all a bit daunting!
  7. My 1 year old started off with purees at 5 months, 2 weeks later she started this stubborn independent streak which still hasn't gone and refused the spoon completely (apart from things like yogurt) so after that was completely finger food fed/BLW. I will definitely do purely BLW with my next one as my LO is such a great eater now. Eats everything bar broccoli (at the start it wasn't like this, I remember worrying for weeks whether she was ever going to eat anything savoury!). I'm a big fan of the BLW cookbook, also the Annabel Karmel 100 Favourite Finger Foods book.
    Good luck. It's so much more fun/less hassle, but definitely more mess on the floor! Get a dog for clean up purposes!!
  8. I will be trying BLW when LO is older. I really like the look of it although it does look very messy! She is so interested in food already and the other day i put a carrot stick in her hand to see what she woukd do and it went straight in her mouth! I didn't let her eat it, but it was fascinating to see! I will be interested to follow this thread and see how we all get on. Might buy the cookbook too.
  9. The cookbook is quite good- all recipes serve two adults plus baby so it does make life easier than cooking hundreds of purees and freezing them.
    I think I may give her a floret of brocolli and see how it goes tomorrow. It is quite exciting but scary
  10. Thanks everyone! I've got the book, but might buy the cookbook as well. That's really interesting about the carrot Saripop - my LO sits with us (on one of our knees) at teatime so he's part of the family, but shows no interest - he's happy with milk at the mo!
  11. loobieloo

    loobieloo New commenter

    I actually do a bit of both as I heard they don't eat as much if its just baby led. My LO is as happy to munch on a broccoli stalk or asparagus as eating from a spoon, although that is just beginning to change!!! The independent streak is beginning....

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