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Baby Jake

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Astralabe, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Read an article about this in this Sunday's observer -new cbeebies programme starting on Monday but the novelty is the star is a real life 10 month old whose 5 year old brother interprets his language. Think it sounds really innovative - I worked in kids books for 6 years before teaching and I know how hard it is to break the mould - but sounds possibly controversial (a child of that age didn't choose to be the star of a show etc) - what do you guys think?
  2. Roo and I saw the advert for it this afternoon - he was mesmerised!! I thought it looked a bit creepy but will watch it next week and see.
  3. sounds interesting!
    what's a little more interesting Astralbabe is that you worked in children's books!
    if you don't mind i have a question - been working on a set of pre-school books, little stories set around a set of characters, but all linked. don't want to say too much - but what do you think is the best way to approach publishers??
    someone told me i should approach a literary agent first?
  4. Stripe have pm-ed you...
  5. I think it sounds interesting, my daughter doesn't really respond to any TV unless there are babies on it - think Cow and Gate ad - so it might be something she enjoys. I will watch it and decide then...

    As for the baby on the programme, I think it is OK... parents have agreed, it is no different to the babies on Eastenders (one of which is a VERY distant relative to my husband!) or on the adverts,
  6. Just watched it and thought "Jeez, 10 kids, must be Catholic!" and then saw in the end credits that the show is funded by the Irish government. Haha! It was quite sweet really [​IMG]
  7. What a softie - I cried at the bit with him and his brother on the sheepskin. So cute! Yes, thought this was good, not sure how they'll sustain the concept without him and his brother growing up unless they got the brother to do a hell of a lot of narration.
  8. I thought it was quite cute, LO actually paid attention to it. I now have it on series link. I am such a loser!

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