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baby in own room

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by starcommand, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. My baby is currently in a moses basket in our room but is quickly getting near the end. How early can you put them in a cot in their own room or do you HAVE to wait until 6 months?
  2. Hi MF,
    We put LO into the nursery when she was 2wks and 6days!
    One night I was over-tired (see other message!) and went to bed early. OH did 10pm feed and LO cried from 20.30 til 02.00!!!! She had been fed, changed nappy, comforted etc etc but continued to cry. OH decided that if she came into our room she would wake me up (and I was a bit of an emotional wreck and needed to catch up on some sleep), it was a Sunday night and he needed to go to work the following day so he put her into the nursery. The fact she was wailing meant we knew she was 'still alive' (!!!) and although I did get up twice to check that she was still ok once quiet, she was fine in the nursery and has been there ever since.
    She is now 8wks and I also think that she will have outgrown her moses basket by the end of January so will transfer into her cot then. She also grunts a lot in her sleep and I snore (apparently!) so that way we don't disturb each other. We have a baby monitor and do hear her when she stirs in the morning.
    How old is your LO? With regards to cots I really don't know and maybe others can share their experiences. I am in two minds about cot bumpers.... I have heard stories of the risk of babies suffocating (is that if they are not secured to the sides properly or or people implying that a baby will really sleep up against it, unable to breathe?!???) but then also stories about risks of babies getting limbs stuck inbetween the bars. Arrggh - I don't know. Sorry to hijack your thread; maybe others can share their thoughts on cots.
    pogo x
  3. Bsmirched

    Bsmirched New commenter

    My LO was 4.5 months when I decided in all conscience I could no longer squeeze him into the moses basket. We had a cot bed for him which wouldn't fit into our room so he had to go in on his own. I was completely neurotic the first few nights, constantly checking the monitor was working etc but he's been fine and is nearly 6 months now.

    Another option, which we considered was to get a cheap crib off Ebay and get a new mattress for it, which would have seen him through to the magic 6 month mark!
  4. I put my LO into his cot and own room when he was 14 weeks. He's a big boy and the Moses basket was just too cramped for him, when he flung his arms around in his sleep he'd hit the sides and wake himself up. Plus every little stirring woke me up which was so draining! My cousin gave us a crib and we thought it would let us keep him in our room a little longer but TBH his arms just hung out the sides and it didn;t seem too comfy. At my mum;s house he slept in a travel cot and seemed to sleep so much better because he could sprawl out so I decided on a whim to put him into his cot in his own room and haven;t looked back!

    My HV said they should stay in your room until 6 months because noises or movements from me or OH could stir little one into breathing again should he stop in the night. This sounded a bit weird to me - we have one of those movement sensor monitors and it gave me peace of mind.

    Re: cot bumpers - I haven't put them on - I have read conflicting advice about them and couldn't really make up my mind. LO doesn;t really move a lot yet so not to worried about trpped limbs.
  5. My LO is just over 8 weeks old and would definitely be in his own room if it was bigger - he has his cot in it but he seems to little to put in there and we could fit his crib in there but would bang into it! Like glitterkid said LO wakes himself up in his moses basket ( a very restless sleeper) when he hits the sides of the basket - too closed in but is fine in the crib.
    Not sure if this has answered anything! brain dead
  6. My LO went in her own room at 3 weeks- best thing I ever did! She is very noisy and I was getting no sleep! She sleeps swaddled in her crib and our nights are getting gradually longer- she is now 5 weeks and slept 10 til 6 last night (but only midnight til 4 the night before!). I know it's against guidelines but she is very close and I can still hear most of her noises
  7. My DD went to her own room at 34 months.....
  8. Good thread for me to read. My boy is coming to the end of his time in the Moses basket after 5 months. Feel like I got value for my money though! Any sooner out of it and I would have been cross at paying out for it!
    The wife and I will move him into his own room after the Christmas break.
  9. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    That's impressive! We had a crib, but my parents borrowed a moses basket for when we stayed, and my son was nearly too long for it at 6 weeks! So glad we didn't buy one.
    We put our son in his own room at 6 months. He was in his cot at 4 months, but we have a massive bedroom so it fitted fine. He was starting to wake us up, and we were waking him up, so it was time he moved then. I missed him, but we all slept better.
  10. Luckily, touch wood, my boy seems to be a deep sleeper like his daddy so he should be fine when we do move him. Got the sensory mat and the bleeper and all that stuff so not too concerned.
    Slightly off topic but still relevant, Eastenders features a storyline tonight about a cot death. Will not make for easy viewing now I am a proud parent. May even miss it if the boss says so...
  11. Not until after 6 months for safety... we transferred Charlie to his cot in our room once he grew out of his moses. After having lost one baby and knowing so many who have lost babies I would not take the chance. Health Visitors advise after 6 months.
  12. eread1

    eread1 New commenter

    My daughter went into her own room the day we came home from the hospital!
    We didn't have the space in our bedroom and so she slept in her Moses basket which we placed in the cot.
    Had no problems.

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