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baby eczema

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by handrail, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    My little boy is 4 months old and his skin is in such a mess at the moment. He has red patches under his neck and under arm which the doctor said is a fungal infection and prescribed daktacort cream - it seems to be clearing. My main concern is the red spotty rash on his arm which the doctor said was eczema, he told us to use diprobase on it which I have been doing for almost a week now - it hasn't improved at all and infact i've noticed it has spread to some of his back, chest and even a few dots on his legs. I didn't even know eczema could look like this - what else can I use on it? We've only just got rid of cradle cap and his hairline is still red and dry - I feel so sorry for him and want to make it better.
  2. My LO got eczema at 3 months. Oilatum , Aqueous and other over -the -counter potions didn't work, so ended up seeing the Emergency Dr because it had got infected on his chest, backs of legs and arms. We used a moderate strength steroid cream to clear it up, then used a fabulous Emollient cream. It looks and has the texture of lard but it did the job. We we applying it 5times a day to start with, now we only apply it when we see it first flare up.

    It is so horrible to see LOs uncomfortable.
  3. The cream is called Emulsifying Ointment BP.
  4. blueone

    blueone New commenter

    Hi Handrail
    My LO has a touch of eczema on his face. I too was prescribed diprobase which did nothing, infact it seemed to get more red and dry. Anyway the HV told us to use E45 HC cream, which is different than the usual E45 cream, i think its behind the counter. That seems to be working for us, he still has it of course but it isnt as red and raw as it was!
    Good luck
  5. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Thanks - will give them a try. Still no improvement today. I found diprobase seemed to make his legs worse too. Hope I find the one that works soon :)
  6. Hi, our LO had very bad eczema between 3-6 months. He's 8 months now and we still have tokeep on top of it as he does have flare ups now and again.
    My 'top tips' lol - these things worked for us:
    We have an emulsifying wax called Epaderm which we absolutely coat him with at night - very slippy!
    He has a bath emollient called dermol 600 in his bath every night.
    We changed the washing powder to one called Surcare and use no fabric softener.
    We've carefully wacthed his reaction to new foods but so far have not really linked flare ups to a particular food, lots of people say to be careful though. I forget how old you said your LO is so don;t know if food's an issue for you yet.
    We go swimming once a week and coat him in the wax before, then rinse and reapply straight after.
    Good luck x
  7. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Thanks for your reply fleur :) I have been researching washing powder today (that makes me sound sad haha) and the one you mention came up a few times - I'd never heard of it until today but think I will give it a try. Also hope to go swimming next week so will bear in mind what you said. Felt really upset again at his bath time tonight as his poor skin looked terrible.
    Thanks for your replies x
  8. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Thank you moomoon will have a look at that thread. Hope it's getting better for you x

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