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Baby Eczema help and advice?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Julesk, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. Hi girls I know you will be the best peeople to ask or advise as I'm really anxious about my 8 week old LO's skin at the mo.
    We had a a horrible night with my baby girl last night as it seems she has had an eczema flare up all over her eyes. Her eyes are red and swollen and she keeps trying to rub them on anything she can - her hands, side of moses basket, my sleeve etc. I'm so so upset for her[​IMG]
    I took her to the Drs 1st thing and he said he thinks she has reacted to the aqueous cream he prescribed for her last week!! I'm a little hesitant when it comes to treatment for eczema (I had terrible eczema as a child and homeopathy helped me) and would not feel great about using hydrocortisones (sp) or steroids.
    In short, I was just wondering whether any of you have expereinced anything similar and found certain methods of treatment successful?
    She was meant to recieve her innoculations today but they have now been postponed till next week with the Drs agreement. Did any of your LO's eczema get worse after their jabs? Has limiting dairy helped? eek as you can tell I'm stressed and want to do the best for my gorgeous girl [​IMG]
    Thank you LOTS in advance x
  2. Wet and dirty nappies? Bright, alert and happy (bar the scratching!)? You're going a great job lady, don't be too hard on yourself!
  3. Olive oil works really well, if you can cope with the smell or Waitrose bottom butter which according to my GP friend is based on olive oil without the smell we have two tubs - one for her skin and one for her bottom. Don't fret about the weight, as. bunique said you're doing a great job. I rarely took my LO to clinic to get her weighed as the queue was always too long and I could never be bothered to wait.
  4. If it carries on it might be worth looking into your choice of soap powder - I know with my own there are only certain brands I can get away with (Persil is a massive no-no for some reason - even non-bio) and others send me absolutely nuts - it's taken a fair bit of trial and error (and not buying massive packets until the trial and error had been done) to find ones I'm ok with using.
    Stress was the other big one that set my brother off as a kid (and me as an adult - but I find it quite handy for monitoring my stress levels as a warning mechanism... elbows start going itchy and inflamed = back off missus!).
  5. I knew the lovely ladies on here would make me feel better. Just taking the time to answer is so so appreciated. Thank you xxxx
  6. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    My 8 month old has it - we use Diprobase 4 times a day and this helps ensure there are no major flare-ups. Also try to keep her nice and cool (which is v difficult in a house with storage heaters!!) as heat makes it flare-up.
  7. Keep baby away from Sodium Laureth Sulphates. It's the foaming agent in lots of toiletries (Johnson's etc) Terrible if you have exzema.
    How old is your baby? (sorry, I know you've probably said but I've forgotten due to background carry on by my own child)
  8. Hi, so sorry you're LO is suffereing. My LO had awful eczema from about 3 or 4 months and would wake herself up scratching/rubbing at it every half an hour for months. We tried lots of different creams (some steroid but v mild) - dermol, oilatum inthe bath, then hydrocortisone and clobetasone butyrate cream. I still use the steroid ones for occasional bad flare ups.
    I breast fed pretty much exclusively as LO wouldn't take a bottle and still breast feed now at 14 months. The turning point came for us around 6 months old when she started to wean onto solids so I reckon it was something she was getting in the milk. She probably still is but only has 2 or 3 breast feeds a day now. My money is on egg or dairy, although she now has cow's milk on her cereal and the eczema doesn't seem any worse. Bananas and mangos cause massive flare-ups all over her body. I haven't tried her with egg yet.
    I can fully sypathise with how you must feel as it's awful seeing them scratching and upset and you feel helpless. Looking back at photos of LO she was covered in scratches over her face and red :(
    She soon worked out how to get the scratch mitts off using her teeth so I bought scratch sleeves online which go on like a sort of cardigan or shrug. Keeping her cool was a must too.
    I tried all the more homeopathic creams recommended to us but no joy. Also diprobase made it more red and inflamed. Hope you find something that works for your LO x x
  9. Forgot to say, the mitt bit of the scratch sleeves is silky so if LO does rub at the eczema, you don't get so much friction which can still make the eczema sore/inflamed. Hope that makes sense!
  10. Thanks moonbeam so sorry your lo suffered too. Scratch sleeves are now ordered such a great idea.
    I hope my diet isn't making things worse. Going to keep a really close eye on what I'm eating now.
    All products with fragrance, sls, parabens and parrafin have been binned and her skin seems to getting better though her poor forehead and eyes are all red and flakey. The olive oil is also making her very thick, black hair stand on end - what a sight she is bless her.
    MF I use fairy powder and a fabric softner endorsed by an allergy organisation so I think that should be ok??
    Oh meant to ask has anyone tried little ones organic bath milk? No nastys in it but scared to try anything new now?

  11. Sorry coffeekid - She's just over 8 weeks old xxx
  12. We use nothing in the bath and E45 cream as many times a day as poss. LO is 16 months so not sure if it's suitable for your LO. I have heard that Sudocreme is good for small, hard patches but not tried it myself. Tbh none of the stuff we were prescribed did much good, E45 has been best for us. The no of times you apply it really makes a difference I think, we really notice if we only put it on at bedtime rather than in the morning too. Good luck x
  13. We used nothing in the bath and only had 1 bath a week when she was small as she didn't really get dirty then (much different now!) and it dried her skin out loads. We use dermol cream lots during the day - you can use it as a soap alternative in the bath too.
    Wormburger is right - sometimes I do forget to put the cream on or get a bit too laid-back about it but then notice she's flaring again. Nothing like she used to but must be uncomfortable for her nonetheless.
    I hope that by breast-feeding my LO that once she grows out of the baby eczema she won't then get childhood eczema. Fingers crossed!
    x x
  14. Hi,
    Our little girl is 10 months and has had eczema since around 3 months old. My husband had it bad growing up as a kid and so unfortunately she must have inherited that. We were given aqueous cream and it made it much much worse - research shows now that it is no good. She gets it in the folds of her arms, wrists, tops of her feet, back of the legs and neck, patches on her forehead and cheeks and her fingers and she scratches incessently with it. She has fathomed how to pull socks off her hands as that was the only way I could dress or change her as she will claw herself to death. She also has to have socks on her hands in the bath as she rakes at her chest. We went to one bath a night as well, but we have upped it to two as when she is super itchy we find a bath with oilatum seems to take the edge off it. We also peg a flannel round her neck in the bath for two purposes 1) to prevent terrible scratches if we take her socks off so she can play properly (I hated the fact socks meant she couldnt pick bath toys up) and 2) the oilatum is in direct contact with the top of her chest. That seems to work, but she is getting too big for the flannel to go round her neck, may need to try an old muslin cloth next.
    The scratchsleeves were going to be my suggestion as we have those - she cant take them off when I change her nappy or dress her. She is furious when they go on as she automatically will scratch the slightest bit of bare skin! The only thing with the scratchsleeves for our little girl is that she is a night time thumb sucker and cant get to her thumb, even though others have claimed their little one has. So she cant really wear them at night, I did contemplate cutting a hole in the mitt to allow her thumb through but it would be a soggy mitt and that cant be nice to sleep with?!
    Our doc has given us the oilatum for the bath and a cream gel called doublebase in a pump. It is fab - she skin goes so soft and smooth when using it, but it needs constantly applying as it is a light cream/gel. People have talked about diprobase but we havent tried that yet. We have had the itch E45 - didnt do much for her and so we now also have the E45 in a huge 500g tub. That is good. The doc says if used enough it should last no more than a month! We have the 1% steriod creams too for when the patches on her arms and legs flare up, I use hardly any as my husband is not too keen on them. They do work though in moderation.
    Try Aveeno - an oat based cream, bloody espensive it was no good for our little girl but I know that it works for many others. Also porridge oats in a pop sock held under the tap in a bath. Makes the water milky and soothes the skin. Our LG has porridge as her main breakfast, not sure if it helps but I thought it might? We found weetabix made her super itchy and have converted to oatabix (not as nice in my opinion but its not for me!!). She is fine with egg as we braved that this week actually, milk, cheese and dairy dont seem to make much of a difference for our LG so she has them. We found Persil non bio is fine. We dont wear any perfumes as that just made her flare up and the heat is an absolute ***. So think cool, keep calm and keep the nails clipped and filed short. Watch the edges of her nails - the number of times I have thought Ive cut them only to discover a horrid scratch on her face an hour later. File, file, file!!!! I play "this little piggy" when its manicure time (only because she wants to eat the nail file!!)
    Good luck. The chances are she will grow out of it. 75% of children do by the time they are 5 and the rest by their teens.
  15. Hi Jules,

    My name is Julie, I’m in Australia and when I saw your blog
    my heart went out to you.

    I can totally understand your stress, as a mother myself I
    understand how stressing it can be to have a young child that is unwell.

    I hope you don’t mind me sending you this email. I work with
    a company called Body and Soul Health Products, and we make an eczema and
    psoriasis cream called Hopes Relief. It is all natural no steroids and has been
    very effective for a lot of people. It might help you and your bub.

    I noticed that you said that your daughter had red and swollen eyes and she keeps trying to
    rub them on anything she can.... We have had similar requests from other mums.
    They have tried the cream and have had success.</font>

    You can use the
    Hopes Relief Cream on sensitive area such as the eye lids and around the eye
    area. </font>

    The cream was formulated by a fully qualified Naturopath here
    in Australia after 2 years of clinical research. It is an all natural cream it has 300mg of active
    ingredients, there are no nasties. It is safe to use on infants through to

    it is also
    available in the UK. We also stand by our products with a full money back
    guarantee. </font>

    Kind regards,
    Julie Carter

  16. Hey
    I can sympathise- my little girl had horrible excema this time last year- a nasty patch all over her forehead and on her back. It has been a lot better this year though, tiny baby skin is so sensitive.We also has an aqueous cream which she reacted to. Makes you feel rubbish.
    I was recommended to give up dairy.
    I also stopped using any fabric conditioner.
    A herbalist told me to use apple cider vinegar - a tiny capful in the bath -however I was unsure- and have read conflicting things about it...So, it is up to you to do the research on that and try for yourself if you want.
    We smothered her in diprobase a few times a day and I sprayed breastmilk over it which I think soothed it but didn't clear it.
    also- several adults have it- so go over to health and wellbeing and see how they manage it. x

    I know someone who, for less sensitive body parts, uses a mix of metanium and vaseline but I would not put that around the eyes,
  17. Just reread my message - it should say we have gone to one bath a week and upped it to two. NOT per night!!!! [​IMG]

  18. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    My dd1 saw a dematologist as a baby due to her severity of eczema.

    She was breastfed too and also allergic to egg and dairy. Egg was coming into my milk and 2wks after stopping eating it (me) her eczema improved immensely. Unfortunately she was already 2yrs old by the time the connection was made and tested by RAST tests.

    This is the general plan the dermatologist gives patients: Bath at least 1x a day but 2x is better if you can fit it into your day. Don't leave them in the bath for longer than 10 mins. Do not use soap or shower gels at all. (My dd is now 6 yr old and still doesn't. When she mucks about with it because it is on the side she breaks out) I promise you my kid doesn't smell for just using water.
    Any eczema flareups treat aggressively with hydrocortisone 2x daily and continue for a few days after redness subsides and asap when the redness appears. Hydrocortisone these days is much weaker than it was 15 yrs plus and caused the skin thinning problems so don't be afraid.

    Lastly moisturise 2x a day. I still use Aveeno on her after every bath today. It may not work for everyone but I have heard of v. few people who don't get on with it. Best thing about AVEENO: FREE ON PRESCRIPTION FOR U16s!

    Ask your GP for it. If it doesn't work for your baby it will be great for your hands.

  19. A few people mentioned E45 - my brother became allergic to THAT one as well (we didn't have a fun run of it when he was a kid)! Whatever you're using though - put it on thicker than you'd think - you go through tonnes of the stuff (like I say - it's particularly fun if it goes into toddlerhood and they're trying to make a run for it when you're dressing 'em in the morning - somehow that job got fobbed off onto 11 year old me for some strange reason... suspect I drew the short straw there)
    My brother actually uses his emollient cream instead of soap for things like handwashing - he's not meant to use any scented toiletries at all - but teenage pride sacrificed his Oilatum shower stuff for Lynx (got to pull the ladies apparently) and they DO tend to grow out of it - I was born so dry skinned and with my skin so cracked and wrecked apparently the midwife advised my mum to rub olive oil into me but I arrived very very late - think it was a case of a day more before they began eviction proceedings (I hung on in there to make sure my birthday was on pay day) and very much grew out of the worst of it as a toddler, even my brother who had the worst case his consultant had ever seen (he ended up on immunosupressants and all sorts for his over the years) has grown out of much of the worst of it now as a young adult - while I got one side of genes predisposing me to it, he got a double whammy since his father - well, my childhood memory of him is sat in front of the gas fire - arms out scratching at them till they bled (lovely chap that he was lol).

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