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baby due at end of sept. How does maternity leave work?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by kjimenez, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. I wonder if anyone can help. My baby is due 25th September. I dont want to start my maternity leave in july at the begining of the holidays it is far too early. Can i go back to work for just a few days or even a week?
  2. Of course you can. You can even put 25th Sept as the first day of your MatLeave if you really want to. my HoD came in for the INSET day in Sept and then started her ML the following day.
    Do not let anyone put pressure onto you in starting ML in July; take advantage of the timings. You will also probably find that school won't give you a timetable in Sept if you go back for a couple of weeks (it would be pretty harsh and daft of them to do so) and you may be used as an admin person within your dept, mentor etc - this is what happened to me and it worked really well. I was due end Oct and didn't have a timetable for the whole of the first half term. I found that I was busy all of the time but whenever I needed a break, I could take one. It was also very useful for the dept for me to do all those things that no-one had had the time to do. You could always suggest this to your HoD/Head should they get whingy about you coming back just for a week or two - not that they should because it's your decision anyway.
    Oh and congratulations by the way :)
    pogo x
  3. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    My baby was born September 18th. My maternity leave started September 1st and my return to work date is the first day of the summer holidays this year... cheeky :) I was far too tired and pregnant to work beginning of September x
  4. Perfect :) All going well I plan to do the same :) OP- have replied on baby and toddler x
  5. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Congrats! :eek:) Great timing! I was very lucky to fall pregnant straight away - couldn't have been better timing. Hope all goes well in your pregnancy x
  6. I went back for one week in September twice. Although I was very pregnant it was a low stress, very chilled week and of course I was well rested up before it.
    First time I also worked the last week in the academic year which helped me get orientated for a proper start in September.
    Second time lots things changed in our lives and I decided to leave, so I went back to work the last half term before summer. Together with the summer holiday that made the 13 weeks so not only did I not have to pay back maternity pay but I also got 3 months full pay for 7 weeks work.
  7. I'm considering this- because of finances but also to get myself ready for the following September- should be a nice easy half term of cover and other jobs that need doing, as they'll give my class to another teacher fot the whoel year. I must admit I'm scared of telling them as I've only been back since last week of the summer afetr having my baby girl!
  8. Oh and thanks handrail [​IMG]

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