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Baby carriers for tiny tiny baby + large mother + very large "assets" (and very small, fried brain)

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bunique, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Definitely a stretchy wrap. If you're nervous about using it a local sling meet will be able to help you out
  2. Have ordered a Moby - shall see how we get on when it arrives!
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I bought a Connecta after my 2nd baby, and it was good as it was easy to use! I like the look of the stretchy wraps though and think i'd get one if I had another baby.
    I saw the other day that they've started a sling library near to where i live, so you can rent them out, and they have sling meets. See if your local area has anything like that.
  4. They're fab for preemies and highly recommended for kangaroo care - another thing the useless hospital neglected to tell you! Whereabouts (roughly - I'm not stalking you [​IMG]) in the country are you? I'm sure there'd be a sling meet nearby - my local one has become one of the highlights of my month and we're still carrying daily at 16 months - just travelled by train, plane and automobile this morning with her in a sling :)
  5. I'm on the Nottingham/Derby border basically - I think there's one in Long Eaton but I forget the whens and wheres.
  6. Got my Moby through this morning - the instructions say from 8lb but we're only 5lb - I've got her in it at the moment but she seems so scrunched up I don't know if she's comfortable or not (but she's asleep making lttle teletubby sounds). Not sure if it's normal to have to keep folding the head shoulder bit back away from her face though (yes I'm paranoid about suffocation).
  7. Like this? http://www.mobywrap.com/t-instructions-NewBorn.aspx
  8. <a> http://www.mobywrap.com/t-instructions-NewBorn.aspx[/URL]
  9. yeah that's the one! (bad typing - small lady - who's finally decided to be awake during the day - on lap)
  10. Misterflibble you are doing brilliantly with such a challenging journey! Haven't commented on other thread or read the whole thing but hope that things are going better for you.
    I am no sling expert at all, but wanted to say that I have the moby (and more straightforward for me as baby was born big) but that it is so worth working on it. I got the tensions wrong initially (when wrapping it round me) and 'dropped' her into it wrong angle and she was scrunched, not a good wrap - looked uncomfy and also had head to chest a bit. then next time was too tight. But eventually I've cracked the tensions I need for my body / baby combination as well as the angles to put her at and it is so easy to do and she LOVES it. It has revolutionised my life with my 2 year old, too!
    People at baby groups saw me wrapping and said 'oh I couldn't be faffed with that' but 2 hours later when I still had a chilled, content baby and was able to play with my toddler easily they all said 'I wish I had had one of those!'
    So... no expert, don't know about preemie babies, but do reckon it's worth 'try try trying again' with the moby xxxxx
  11. Managed to get her out and walking with the dogs (well not a 3 week old baby walking obviously - however talented she is) in the sling yesterday - tough going on me since my pelvis and back still aren't 100% right (and we live in a part of town with a million and one chuffing hills) - while, to me, she looked like she was curved right around my chest - if I think about how I hold her naturally - she curves similarly anyway. She didn't seem to object anyway and proceeded to snore her way around... yes, not only do I have a snoring husband, a snoring cat, a snoring/growling in her sleep dog... I now have a snoring baby as well.
  12. kittenjames

    kittenjames New commenter

    i've been following your other thread, but not commented as i felt i had little advice to offer having given birth to a whopper who was 2 weeks late! we've been slinging him since he was born though, first in a moby and now an ergo (he's 15 months and 2 stone :- /) and it sounds like you're doing a lovely job with the wrapping! it's so lovely to get out and about when they're tiny isn't it and she sounds very content on you!
    as someone else commented, she should still be inside you so being attached to you must feel wonderful for her. i noticed on the other thread you were worried about people judging you for bottle feeding. i had no choice BUT to formula feed (long and boring story) and no one ever judged me (well not to my face anyway ;-) !). my LO is absolutely thriving in every way so please don't worry about it being the wrong thing to do. you're her mother and you absolutely do know the right thing for her, sometimes you just have to quieten the noise around you which is easier said than done.
    and before anyone jumps down my throat, i'm not pro or anti formula or breast. i'm pro happy and healthy mummies and babies. keep up the good work, she sounds contented and as for feeling like you're being judged - welcome to motherhood!!! x
  13. Being curved around your chest sounds exactly right - as you say, it just mirrors how you would naturally hold her, and a C-shaped spine in a seated position is spot on. And everyone needs a bosom for a pillow after all ;)

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