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Baby Carriers for Dads

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by nick909, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Hiya all,
    Searched but didn't find an appropriate thread, sorry if there is one out there.
    Looking for a carrier to carry our 4 month old that will give us as lengthy use as possible. It will be me carrying her and will primarily be for when we go on walks. We're keen walkers and often out for a good few hours or more, so needs to be comfortbale for baby and me, and with the best support possible for both of us.
    What makes/models have people found to be good ones? Are the back carriers better for long periods than the front ones? Is there an issue at this ace with the back carriers, re her neck strength?
    Also I'm a fairly big bloke at 6'0" and 15 1/2 stone, so it needs to be something built with a largish bloke in mind!
    Any advice helpful.
  2. No problem with back carries at this age, as long as her spine is well supported. I'd recommend having a browse here first: http://www.slingguide.co.uk/
    Something like the following might suit you? http://www.slingguide.co.uk/types/softstructuredcarriers.php There are numerous brands - Ergo, Manduca, Boba. All go up to toddlerhood and can be worn front or back. Easy to use and adjust if two of you want to use it.

  3. Hi there nick! My OH isn't as tall as you but he is stocky and likes wearing our new ergo. have fun choosing x
  4. Hello!
    My OH is 6'8" and we have the Boba sling and it really is excellent! It's very comfy for both users - I can carry our 10 month, 80cm, 2 stone baby barefoot on a beach and then up a cliff with no probs and I am really unfit! We argue about whose turn it is! The only thing is that I think they are only suitable from around 6 months. Good luck!
  5. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Many thanks for all the advice, folks.

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