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Baby carriers-any recommendations?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ilovetheweekend, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    Im looking for a baby carrier thats not a wrap style sling and has some structure! It needs to be suitable for birth+
    Many thanks x
  2. I have a baby bjorn and love it. LO used it face in from birth and has gone forward facing in it from around 3 months. She's still in it at 6 months, but she is small still (only on 33rd centile.) I got mine from a nearly new sale for £5 - I think it was the best bargain ever as we've used it loads.
  3. I agree that the BabyBjorn is really good. We bought the organic cotton one because it looks really different. It's sort of tweedy material. It was on sale at Mothercare and was about £40.
    I have used it LOADS and still carry my 11 month old son. He is on the 50th centile and weighs just over 20lbs.
  4. I'd say try to get to a sling meet with your LO. I was leant a structured type sling and LO hates it. If I'd splashed out on it I'd have been very annoyed. In the end I haven't bothered with a sling, but if I ever have another baby I'll definitely make the effort to go and try a wide variety out.
  5. i have a baby bjorn active and a connecta integra. The bjorn is great for littlies beyond, but it is quite thick and so they need to be dressed with an extra layer of a sling in mind. the connecta is a newer purchase, bought when lo was 4.5 months it's not as thick and is not so tight around lo. I love wearing a sling and can sing, play clarinet, piano and conduct wearing one. It's also great at evening parties, as my lo can fall asleep on me when tired. I'm glad i've got 2 different types of sling. Hope you find one you like. Sr and lo 5months
  6. Please have a look at our Babywearing thread on Baby and Toddler, there is a lot of info about Baby Bjorns and why they are not necessarily the best choice for your LO, as they don't hold your baby in the best position for their spines and hips.
    I would recommend Ergo, Beco, Connecta, Rose and Rebellion, Babyhawk Oh Snap and there are others but that's just off the top of my head!
  7. I have a Rose and Rebellion and we love it- it is far more comfortable than my Baby Bjorn (which I sold) and it can be used on my back- she is 11 months and still carried on my front for a long time with no discomfort. There are many similar style carriers. You can also get some really attractive designs!
    As Saripop said, Baby Bjorns are not the best for baby or mother, and facing forward is not really recommended. There is plenty of information on slingguide.co.uk
    My carrier carries her high enough and in a different position to the BB- so she can twist a bit and see all around her, whereas in the BB her head seemed stuck to my chest, it is hard to explain but I am a total convert! She can also lean slightly to one side and waves to people behind me so feel she gets a better view.
  8. As other posters have said, there are many types of sling and I think the bottom line is how long you are using it and why. Personally I'm just not strong enough for lugging a 20lb baby around for long but I use mine regularly for when I have to nip into a shop.
    The BabyBjorn is very quick and easy to put on, easily sponged clean, machine washable and looks good, it ticked all my boxes!
    We're just looking into whether to invest in the older sort of carrier. Seb will be a year old when we go on holiday and I know there are places I won't want to take the buggy (boat trips, up and down steps to beach). I don't know where to start though. They are all so expensive and I like the buggy for all the extra luggage I can take!
  9. sorry for any mistakes, one handed typing!
    Thanks for all your tips, we have a bb but she seems swamped in it and her face is stuck facing me. She is still very small (7 wks and 8lb 9oz-was prem) Think maybe ok for when she is older and for oh to use!
    Connecta are nt producing anymore! I like the bh mei tai and rose and rebellion, are they ok to use with nb and are they easy to use?
    I'll look at baby and toddler page as well

  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I bought a Connecta a few weeks ago (my daughter is 9 weeks old) but i just looked on the site where I got it and they don't seem to have it! It is similar to a mei tei anyway, except it has buckles.
    I have a Baby Bjorn too, but i haven't used it since my son was a baby (he's 2). I found it more difficult to use than the connecta, and i've heard that the BB isn't as good for the baby. Although i don't use my Connecta that much. I'd probably use it more if i didn't have to worry abouty taking care of a 2 year old too.
  11. Hi
    Has anyone tried the beco butterfly? Is it any good?
  12. maybe not very helpful as i'm just adding another name to your list but we have a WILKINET. we got it because it was reduced in price & much cheaper than others. i've never tried any other one. it's completely fabric. it has really long straps which are a bit fiddly but once you're used to it it is grand.

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