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Baby carrier (was recommended one that sounded a bit like 'terra....something' - any ideas?)

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by moomoon, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hello!
    I am getting a bit sling-obsessed.... They are fantastic - kept me sane when She wouldn't be put down. I still mine all the time now...
    There are 5 main types of carriers:
    I started with a 'Moby Wrap'- basically a long piece of material which you wrap around you and pop baby in. Very snug but can be a faff to put on especially if you are outside. This is good for a newborn as is very supportive, it is slightly stretchy so easier to pop baby in. More experienced baby wearers prefer woven wraps with no stretch which are better for bigger babies., loads of carrying positions, suitable for older babies.... we still use it now.

    Mai-tai- a panel of fabric with straps which you tie on. I use one of these now. There are some really pretty one- but very expensive ones. You can use them from new born but I always used the wrap. I have a Freehand one and I love it.

    Ring slings- very simple and some people love these... but I can't get on with them at all, though didn't try as a newborn.

    Soft-structured carriers: A bit like a mai-tai but with buckes and more padding. Eg connecta or rose and rebellion. I have not tried one but I am tempted but don't want to waste the money! Probably not great for a newborn

    Baby Bjorns are not supposed to be good for babys backs as their legs dangle (commonly known as crotch danglers) I have heard you should look for a carrier which you can put their legs in the 'froggy style' (as you see in the picture above). I have one but it is really not as comfy as the wrap or mei-tai.

    There are some seriously expensive wraps and things- if you want to see a baby wearing forum google 'natural mamas' though it is confusing as there are so many acronyms and different makes of slings!!!

  2. I used a Kari Me sling bought second hand from Ebay for my newborn. He wenyt in it from a week old and I'm still comfortably carrying him in the hip position now at nearly ten months. I even managed to breastfeed at a wedding 'wearing ' my baby. It's very similar to the moby wrap and comes with a booklet to help you get to know how to tie the sling. We also used a Wilkinet carrier also very cheap. It's less structured than the Baby Bjorn and you cancarry your baby inwards facing from birth and then switch to facing outwards from 4 months. He seemed very comfortable in it but it wasn't as straight forward to use as it has very long straps. Again,they're sold very cheaply on Ebay.

    We are now using a Macpac possum backpack which i can't recommend highly enough. It is isn't a lightweight carrier but great for long walks now that my son ways 23lb +

    Ergo slings are supposed to be fantastic but I haven't actually tried one. They're about £90 new though and can be used fronm birth.
  3. http://www.slingguide.co.uk/types/types.php
    a bit more info about different kinds of sling - have a look on ebay for the different types- they are fairly easy to sell on if you don't like them.

    Forward facing positions in slings aren't really reccommended though so avoid them! It explains why on that site.
    Hope I have not confused you but I'm developing a sling addiction!
  4. I think the terra one is the back pack type ones for toddlers. My sister wholey recommends them.

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