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Baby back to back

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Keep Smiling!, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter


    Has anyone got any experience of baby being back to back but going on to have a normal delivery? I am due next week and midwife has just told me that baby is back to back. She said a normal delivery is still possible but may be more difficult and painful. She seemed to be hinting that I may need a section. If this is the case then that's ok as long as LO is ok but just wanted to prepare myself and wondered what other peoples experiences were.

    Sorry for lack of paragraphs, I'm on my phone!

    Many thanks!
  2. My first was back to back so I don't know about more painful birth (as I am still 6 weeks from second) I had a normal vaginal birth (though ventouse at the end) but it was a LONG labour. Midwife said this was a consequence of Back to Back......
  3. My first was back to back but we didn't discover until during labour. She was a longer delivery than the others and probably more painful but how much that was due to being my first I don't know. Personally I wouldn't worry too much - your body takes over anyway during labour. Also when I say my first was longer it was still only 4 and a half hours. Everybody is different!
  4. I had a normal delivery with back to back but early labour was much more painful than it should have been. I would try to get baby to turn - get on hands and knees and a birthing ball.
  5. Keep Smiling!

    Keep Smiling! New commenter

    Thank you so much for the replies! I've got a birth ball and have been bouncing on that but apart from that does anyone have any recommendations for turning a baby round? I've been having quite bad back ache so at least I know why now!
  6. Mine turned b to b just before the end - was induced and ended up with forceps - think that was more to with induction. Scrub your kitchen floor! Please don't worry - don't struggle without pain relief if you need it - I had a lovely epidural and would do so again!
  7. My first was back to back and really the only impact was that it took longer to push him out - the dilating stage was no worse than any other labour as far as I can tell. He got there eventually! You can try going upstairs in all fours, rolling on birth balls, swimming etc, but if the baby doesn't turn it is still perfectly possible to give birth vaginally. My firstborn took 8 hours from first twinge to birth, and was born in the birth pool with just gas and air. Don't let the midwife worry you too much.
  8. My baby was back to back and despite cleaning the living room floor and swimming lots she refused to turn. I went on to have a normal delivery although labour was very long and drawn out. Had an epidural in the end and LO was delivered by ventouse. Baby did turn during the last stages of delivery which I believe is quite common. Hope all goes well - good luck :)
  9. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    I hope baby turns for you. Mine was sort of sideways (nose into my hip, sort of thing) so my contractions weren't very regular and cervix didn't dilate very well as the pressure was in the wrong places, or not evenly spread or something; and I was in labour for 38 hours, ending up with 2 epidurals and a forceps delivery [​IMG] Not what I'd hoped for at all!
    As you say though it's all about a healthy baby so all the best for it- and think of the advantages (especially to your pelvic floor!) if you do have a section! x
  10. My little girl was back to back. She was very active and changed frequently and then went back to back at the last minute! I had a completely normal birth, but as someone else mentioned the pushing stage was long. No forceps. All worth it for a wonderful little girl.
    I would say try to do some exercises, be active etc, but don't stress over it and try not to worry (easier said than done I know!). I would say just try to relax and enjoy yourself before baby comes along.
  11. lucchese

    lucchese New commenter

    Have a look at this website for optimal foetal positioning: http://www.spinningbabies.com/
    I didn't need to use it first time round so haven't read it but it was recommended by my pregnancy yoga and active birth teacher. Babies have to turn anyway to be born, so if you can achieve this before labour, all to the good. Don't stress out too much about it though, you can only try, and it's important to be relaxed in labour.
  12. My daughter was back to back towards the end of my pregnancy. I was induced due to high BP, They turned to turn the baby using their hands but she wasn't budging. Haf lway out the little so and so decided to turn sideways and got abit stuck. They gave me a little episiotomy and used a suction cup and she was straight out.
    I had gas and air and a local anasthetic for cut and stiches. It was quicker than I expected and I didn't feel too much pain. Sophie had a funny shaped head for a day or so and then she was fine.
    Don't worry you will be fine. The gas and air was GREAT, when the doctor turned with a host of her mates and said I'm getting the knife, I was so relaxed I just smiled and said "that's fine, carry on". [​IMG]
  13. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My baby (now 6 months old) was born back to back. I didn't know until I was in labour. To start with the contractions were in my tummy and I could cope ok with breathing techniques, at this point they were 5 mins apart so we went to hospital, but then they were just in my back and so horrendous I couldn't cope at all. Gas and air did nothing for me, for some it's great, and I was cross with the midwife who said my waters hadn't broken (I was right, they had gone) and the room was cold and it was all horrible! Then another midwife came on shift and she got me pethidine, tomazepam, some other stuff I can't remember and eventually an epidural. It was wonderful. I had a button to press to top it up and just pressed away! I slept until time to push- about 3 hours- and pushed out my baby absolutely fien. She turned back just in time- there was muffled talk of forceps between the midwives but no mention of a c-section although I was demanding one when the pain was very bad! The epidural made all the difference and I refuse to be called a wuss for having one haha. Best of luck x
  14. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Oops I mean I didn't know she was back to back until partway through labour, but she was acutally born the right way round.
  15. I found out my DD (now 4.5 months) was back to back from 30 weeks. I spent the remainder of the pregnancy hanging off my ball, lying on my side and scrubbing floors by hand. None of them worked as she was only half turned by the time labour kicked in.
    I had heard so many terrible things about back to back labour. I was really dreading mine as a result. It turns out I was able to ignore most contractions at home till I was 7cm (I didnt know this till at the hospital). My waters broke in the bath as contractions were 5 mins apart by then. At that point I only had pain in my stomach and not in my back as some people suggested I would. I dont think it was any more uncomfy that a "normal delivery". I did have an epidural as I was having involutary contractions to push at around 9cm, so the epidural helped stop that.
    My DD was a little wedged in towards the end and she had a ventouse kiwi cup to pop her out. Her head was swollen and sore for longer than we envisaged, but she was safe and healthy. Now you'd never even know. I would highly recommend an epidural though - I was all for going without in my birth plan as I wanted to remain mobile - that went flying out the window as soon as I hit 8cm! The gas and air did nothing for me in the slightest other than make me feel sick. Everyone is different and thats what makes giving birth so special.

    Good luck and enjoy every second of your darling baby. Maternity leave flies by!

  16. reddevil

    reddevil Occasional commenter

    My little girl turned out to be back to back during labour. It was a long labour...38hrs and I ended up having all the pain relief going, although I can't say if it was anymore painful than usual. I was also induced as it was slow going and my waters broke early on. I would recommend getting up and moving even if you have drips and all sorts attached to you because as soon as i got up to get the epidural in in everything started moving much faster. Good luck, message me if I can be of any more help!

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