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Babies at weddings

Discussion in 'Personal' started by doomzebra, May 13, 2011.

  1. chicabonita

    chicabonita New commenter

    Congratulations! All well I hope?
    Chica, how did you arrange things with the meal and so on? Did he sleep in a seat or anything? Chiquita will be a similar age when we go to this wedding.
    Mister Flibble, that's inexcusable on your relative's part and I would have been devastated too.

    If my friend had asked for 'no babies' then of course it wouldn't even be a question, but she's named on the invitation, which is why I think in principle it's fine- I just need to sort out the practicalities.
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    That's awful as they must've known your reasons for not wanting children there.
    As for the funeral - i agree with your mum, that's no place for young children. They don't understand what's going on and a baby crying/toddler running about is hardly appropriate. Both my grandmas died last year and i didn't take my son to either funeral.
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Yep! I was induced as I was 12 days over, but it was quite quick in the end (but painful!!) but i managed with just gas and air and TENS. She was 8lbs 10...big beast! We were home the same evening.
    He just stayed in his pushchair. He slept through the meal and speeches which was handy!
  4. Yes, the invitation states "Mr and Mrs GK". But my other cousin's little girl is 2 and is flowergirl so I'd assumed children would be there, especially as he's family.
  5. ChilePhilly

    ChilePhilly New commenter

    I agree - Mr Fibble's request for no children is completely understandable - I can understand why they needed that and had I been invited would have left my children at home.
    When Mr Chile and I got married there were as many kids there as adults - we had a magician who did a special show just for the kids during the speeches (they were mesmerised)
  6. Tigger1962

    Tigger1962 New commenter

    The funny thing was that my cousin was very strongly in the "no children" camp and banned all children from her wedding - which caused a lot of family mutterings as some cousins were unable to attend the wedding

    Fast-forward a few years - and cousin gets a similar invitation and is livid as *her* little darling is excluded form a wedding and moans to all and sundry about how unfair it is with no snse of irnony ;) ;)
  7. Wow! This is almost EXACTLY what happened at my wedding. We have had years of fertility issues, and invited children but asked that they be babysat (we were paying) during the service - I didn't want to focus on the procreation part of the ceremony. My cousins refused to do this - and it all got so upsetting in the weeks before the wedding that I said okay but made it clear it was very upsetting for me. My cousin wanted his daughters to attend 'so they can show off their dresses'.

    I had bought special child boxes for them to entertain them at reception - and my cousins gave me some really rubbish wedding presents (2 notebooks!) worth less than these.

    I haven't forgiven my cousins - and look forward to seeing them at my sister's wedding this summer and being rude to them. And I know this isn't always helpful when you're having fertility problems, MisterFibble, but three years after my wedding I now have a lovely 6 month old (after 2 IUIs) - I wish you all the best and that one day soon you will be able to annoy that horrid relative back.
  8. Meanwhile, two of my friends (who met at my wedding!) are getting married this summer and don't want loads of children there (due more to cost than anything) and have politely said in their invitation 'We understand that those with young babies may need to bring them but ask that you let us know in advance', and they did put our son's name on the invitation. He will be 9 months old by then and I've arranged for my mother to look after him for the day at home, even though, now I have got a child, I do feel very bothered by leaving him (but I am sure this is just because I am breastfeeding and therefore haven't left him for more than 2 hours at a time before). Definitely aware that I want to do as I would be done by.

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