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Babies and TV

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by kittenmittens, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My 9 week old LO has just started noticing the telly and now loves to watch it... I have it on for a couple of hours during the day for a bit of company, and maybe an hour in the evening before she goes to bed. It's on to entertain me rather than her, I don't put kids tv on... is it ok to let her watch it or will it damage her development in any way? I do lots of talking with her, rhymes, singing, play with toys, playmat etc so it's not like I'm sticking her in front of it as I can't be bothered... but is it a bad habit to get into?
  2. cariadwch

    cariadwch Established commenter

    Worse for her development is you sacrificing your every waking moment for her. Enjoy your TV, you have a right to your time too. .
    Of course, the passive box in the corner is no substitute for you - Carry on with the talking, rhymes, singing, etc. I'm sure you are a great mum, we can only do our best, don't feel guilty.
  3. Bit of TV isn't going to hurt her- there was a thread about that on here a little while ago and I am of the firm believer that a little TV- and I mean a little, not hours on end- can be part of her daily entertainment and even education. I do have mine on if I'm home during the day just for a little while for me to watch homes under the hammer :) and she basically ignores it. Usually we listen to the radio for background noise and dance to the music. However she LOVES watching in the night garden though and watches bits of it most evenings whilst playing, after dinner and before bath/story/bed. It's not a babysitter but can be a saviour if for example you need the loo and it keeps her entertained for a minute! Also- when my friend was heavily pregnant with baby number two her and her toddler used to snuggle up after lunch for some quiet time (she needed it!!) watching a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig, which are only about 5 mins each anyway. The thing that upsets me is out of my class of 5 and 6 year olds, only half have a bedtime story and the other half watch TV in their rooms before going to sleep :-(( There are children too who come home and sit infront of the box all evening- eat dinner there etc and it doesn't sound like you're one of those parents! Don't stress about it- sounds like you're doing everything right.
  4. We had a real whingy day today. LO crying, me flicking aimlessly through the channels and we chanced upon cbeebies and Waybuloo. No idea how they do it but LO stopped crying and watched TV. I didn't get what the hell was going on but seriously didn't care! She's only 12 weeks!
  5. I panicked when OH rang up sky to get kids tv put on our package when I was still preggers with baby no 1!

    I have the tv on through the day too for myself and he doesn;t take a whole lot of notice, unless something particularly noisy comes on. But if you put on baby tv (sky 623 folks!) he really notices it and will watch quite happily so I can stick a load of washing on or wash some bottles.

    For a while I was worried having old Jeremy Kyle on would damage him psychologically!
  6. I think it's the big eyes on their faces, and I also LOVE the music- very calming (I mean LO loves the music... ahem! ;-)) We watch this sometimes too before ITNG and she always smiles and "sings" at the credits when they are all floating up in the sky. I also like the fact that they do yoga moves. See, educational!
  7. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Hmm maybe I need to reaquaint myself with kids tv- haven't watched any for so long! I'll stop worrying- thanks xx
  8. I agree, Waybuloo is fab! My OH and I also like Chuggington and Grandpa in my Pocket so that's what LO gets to watch! The makers of childrens tv certainly know what they are doing as they capture Jemima's attention and she's 5 months. It's the only way I can get her to do tummy time, which she hates.
  9. We only watch bits every so often etc etc (am not a bad mother honestly!) but my 16wk LO always likes Octonauts and often giggles at the brightly coloured creatures
  10. GG loves Waybuloo and ITNG - but recently she has gone wild for the song for the birthday cards - hilarious.
  11. Do not, I repeat DO NOT let them watch Toy Story...
    All I get all day is "Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Oof Oof, Raaar, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz"ad nauseum...
    He's 18 months ***!!!
  12. Dimebar, my LO is exactly the same. He loves Waybuloo and ITNG and we watch them together most nights cuddled up with his milk. I sometimes put cbeebies on during the day while he is playing if I'm going to do something else and he loves it if the birthday song comes on.
    We do have it on a lot in the day which is a habit I suppose as there is never anything worth watching on but he doesn't really pay it any attention unless I put cbeebies on. I always turn it off a few times during the day so that we can play together without the distraction.
    I think it is just plonking them in front of the tv for hours on end which is not great rather than letting them watch little bits each day. My 6 years old has always watched a bit of tv every day and is very bright and a healthy weight so don't believe the media stories that letting your baby watch a bit of tv will turn them into obese, anti-social layabouts!
  13. I tend to have the TV on in the background but she pretty much ignores it- we sing together, cuddle and do all the normal stuff- I am worried repeated Jeremy Kyle will have her telling people to 'put something on the end of it' or asking for a DNA test.
  14. LOL LOL!! can you imagine if those were her first words at nursery or something...?! Or maybe, "It's my show, shut up!" or whatever he says :)
  15. I know- I can imagine a whole generation of 4/5 year olds playing 'jeremy kyle' instead of mummys and daddys... I may have to switch to university challenge... [​IMG]
  16. Our LO is 9 months old now and I often have the TV on for a little while during the day which he usually ignores (I am careful about what I put on though) but today he absolutely loved Deadly 60 on CBBC which was all about gorillas!! I don't mind him watching that sort of thing!!
  17. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    Those of you with babies/toddlers MUST get on over to Amazon right now and order your baby a DVD from the Baby Einstein collection, eg. Baby Mozart.
    They are FAB and totally guilt free telly for your wee one. Put them in their bouncy chair to enjoy, while you get on with your chores or relax for a bit [​IMG]
    Educational and stimulating baby TV. Whoo hoo!
  18. Little babies don't understand Jeremy Kyle. I would never put it on in front of my daughter now (who is nearly 2) as she would start repeating it [​IMG]
    In general you have to do what you need to do to get stuff done and stay sane. I think it's only a problem if they are watching it for hours on end (and I'm sure that there are many who are). The so-called stimulating stuff will be more so if you are chilled I think.
  19. tartetatin

    tartetatin New commenter

    I wasn't suggesting that the JK show is remotely harmful! I used to watch 'To Buy or Not to Buy' when breastfeeding. Aaah, those were the days....!
    Just trying to help with a guilt-free alternative if anyone was interested. My kids used to enjoy these DVDs anyway x
  20. Ahhh my LO has also recently 'discovered' the tv. Jemima'sd favourite is ZingZillas on CBebbies. The theme tune is annoyingly catchy but she LOVES it and even has a favourite character who she grins at and chatters away to!

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