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BA Honours with QTS or BSC then PGCE?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rthollingworth, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I have the upcoming decision to make of either taking a 3 years BA Honours course in Primary Education with QTS or taking a three year BSC Geography course then applying for another 1 year PGCE. I've been thinking over this for the past couple of weeks and have still yet to come to a decision.

    Which one would be favourable? Or doesn't it really matter as long as I gain the QTS?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  2. Hi there :) I'm just about to finish a LLB Law degree and have a place on a PGCE for September. I'm no expert, but personally I really regret not having done a Bed. But it depends on your preferences and how passionate you are about geography. Geography would also give you the option of teaching at secondary level later on if you changed your mind, so that could be an advantage. Do what you think is right for you and remember both routes have their pros and cons. I keep hearing horror stories about how intense the PGCE is so maybe it would be better to spread it over three years and have further in-depth studies in education too. Good luck with your choices!
  3. Are you wanting to do primary or secondary?
    If you want to do primary I'd do the BA Undergraduate course, some PGCE providers can be funny with having a degree in certain subjects like geography, media etc

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