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B/W sequencing pics for billy goats gruff?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by puzzles, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find these? The type where the children can colour in then sequence?

    Ta x
  2. Does anyone know where I can find these? The type where the children can colour in then sequence?

    Ta x
  3. Hi
    We have just added a '3 Billy Goats Gruff' Story Pack to our site (delivery by email). No worries if this is not the kind of thing that your looking for -but it just may come in handy!


  4. Thanks for the link with story - those pics are perfect - I just picked out 4 - thank you.

    Thanks to teachers help too but only found story pack for £5.99 and I'm afraid I'm not prepared to spend my own money on resources!

  5. Have just uploaded

    FREE billy goats gruff sequence pictures - simple set of 4-

    to the Traditional Tales category of www.mychalkface.com

    Could I ask, besides sequencing activities, and the writing for different purposes already there, what resources people would find helpful in this category?
    would be grateful to hear

  6. Hello mychalkface. Wonder if you can help.I really wanted to download this resource but having problems working out how to download it.Do i have to purchase a credit voucher before i download the free resources??????[sorry about this but i'm not that good with computers].Thanks.
  7. ezr


    Hi chalkface,
    I tried to register on the website but it wouldn't let me select UK as counrty of residence.
    Any ideas?
  8. Hi eastie and ezr

    Sorry you have been experiencing these problems! as the site is new we're still ironong out the glitches and hope to make the process smoother.

    Eastie- no you don't have to buy a credit voucher for free stuff.Just click on the boxes as follows:
    >add this to my cart
    >go to checkout
    >(here you will have to login if you havent already)
    look for -in top box-
    'if buying credit voucher or if product is free'
    so you click in this box
    >continue checkout etc
    Hope that is ok! let me know if not- you cam email me via the site if necessary- I can email you the page direct if you still have problems

    Ezr I'm mystified as to what caused this- I tried registering just now and it worked fine- in fact the country of residence was already showing as UK in the box so I didnt have to fill anything in- all I can suggest is closing your browser down and trying again. Let me know via the site email if you still cant register.
  9. wow chalkface your resources look lovely and at such good prices. Wish i had seen the billy goats stuff which we did last week!!!
  10. Thanks for your help. I totally understand now. You've been a great help. Your resources are great and i'm sure i'll be visiting a lot in the future
  11. Can't save this download mychalkface - what am I doing wrong?
  12. Hi Puzzles

    I'm sorry but I'm not sure why you can't save the file; I've just checked it and all seems ok...(and some people have downloaded it this evening) - I'm assuming you've got to the download button and pressed it, and a window comes up saying save file to? It is quite a large file, perhaps there is a problem there? If you want to post your email address I can email it to you if you would like.
  13. Have added - FREE -
    Billy Goats gruff size sort and
    Gingerbread Man Story sequence tonight!

    Trad Tales category at www.mychalkface.com


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