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'B Grade' Students scoring more than 90% in A2 exams

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, Jun 1, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know of previous years where pupils scoring more than 90% in a compulsory A2 (A level units) have been awarded B grades?
    ....as you can predict...there is a rant ahead [​IMG]
  2. Not off hand but I see no real issue with it

    After all there will have been years where you need very little to get an A
  3. Don't think that's happened since at least 2000 in edexcel - until January 2011 when 69/75 was needed for an A in both C4 and S2 - too high a boundary I think: one careless use of the calculator and a misread and that could be the A gone. Yet a moderately good A level student may make the A grade if all the questions are standard.
    But these papers were just too straightforward - I think my current A2 stats groups would have done well in January despite the high boundaries - but many will have flopped this summer's paper because of it's comparative difficulty. Greater consistancy please!
    Agreed that the C2 paper had a pretty good balance. I wonder what the C4 will be like.
  4. Thanks for your response.
    IIRC the papers were written long before January so there would be no "one eye on that mess up" when the paper was produced.
    Same with January C2....very very middle of the text book yet the C2 just gone, as you say, was quite OK.
    I am hoping maths is tested and not nevres and filled with mid range questions.
    I know for sure that one paper would account for the loss of quite a few A* gardes if it had been put out this summer....80 UMS for 70-75????? when 90 is needed.
    Please get them right edexcel.......[​IMG]

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