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Aztecs - linking Literacy ideas?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fidgetjones, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has successfully taught literacy through an Aztecs topic? I have done this in the past with Ancient Greece but struggling to find ways of doing it with this topic. We don't follow the framework units at all but try to integrate our topic across the curriculum. I'm sorted for history, geography and art but English is proving more tricky!

    Would love any suggestions/ideas of ways I can develop literacy through this topic.


    FJ x
  2. Hi FJ,
    I just went into town and bought a book called "The Aztec News" - a marvellous book of newspaper articles from the Aztec perspective which demonstrate the culture in a comical way similar to the Horrible Histories series.
    Are you KS2? Journalism may be a good idea. The book cost £1 from The Works highstreet shop.
    I haven't taught this before.
  3. Hello - great idea! I have a copy of that book too so we're going to try and write a similar news report about the invasion of Tenochtitlan.

    I'm still looking around for different writing activities relating to different aspects of Aztec life if anyone has any other ideas!

    Thanks x
  4. ksc6

    ksc6 New commenter

    We've just done the Aztecs. We did information texts (with each group researching a different aspect of Aztec life and then "teaching it" to the rest of the class). Then we did myths and legends/stories from other cultures.
    Hope that gives some ideas.
  5. Loads of opportunities for non-fiction:
    write a diary in role as an aztec citizen
    Non-chron reports left right and centre
    journalistic writing as decribed
    Adverts for events (such as the football sort of game they used to play)
    recounts of the invasion of the conquistadors etc
    Historical stories as well as myths/legends
  6. Fabulous ideas. I have managed to put together my medium term literacy plan now! Really looking forward to it.

    Many thanks for your help everyone!
  7. Any chance you could share that medium term plan on tes? Am really struggling for ideas for cross-curricular literacy planning too, and those ideas above sound great!!
  8. ashlaura

    ashlaura Occasional commenter

    Hi I've just set up a group for Literacy resources ideas on the TES. It would be great if we could link all these great ideas.
  9. ashlaura

    ashlaura Occasional commenter

    Look at ks2complete.com for some cross curric planning.

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