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Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by smiler247, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. I have a part time contract with my school and for the last 8 weeks I have done supply for an agency for the rest of week, at the same school. It is always general cover....does that mean AWR wont count after 12 weeks?
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Why is the school not arranging the supply work with you direct seeing as you are already on the LA payroll?
    I think you need Union advice for this issue.
    I don't see why the school can't change the arrangement immediately for any future supply bookings as the agency can hardly cliam to have introduced you at a school where you are already on contract!
  3. Sore subject Jubilee. I have worked for the school for the last few years, during which I have had very few supply days directly through the LEA. The bursar announced a few months ago that supply staff would only be through agency, and so, in order to hopefully get a few more days work, I signed up. Since joining the agency I have been almost full time. I am annoyed about it as obviously I am paid a lot less than my M6 rate... however I am also glad of the huge increase in work compared to previously.

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