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Awkward! Advice please.

Discussion in 'English' started by Stinkered, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Erm, I have a slightly sticky professional issue here with the controlled assessments. My Head of Department has been cheating. I won't go into the details, but I am quite shocked. It is not just cheating a little bit, but making a mockery of the system that the rest of us have rigidly adhered to, so I am absolutely furious. There is also no way he doesn't know the rules.
    My main problems are as follows:
    • I don't want to tell the exam board, as the other teachers have been absolutely paranoid about sticking to the rules and I know this because I have done regular spot checks (simply didn't bother with him, as he was the only one I thought I could rely on)
    • I don't want to do anything that would harm his kids (the top set) because there is no time now to rectify the situation
    • He's my boss. Gah!
    I would welcome all advice.
  2. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    Anything you do could jeapordise the students in his class - therefore the issue is practical and moral.
    The RIGHT thing to do is to tell the board, which you can do anonymously. Presumably, the rest of your results will not be as stunning as his because you have followed the rules.
    Speak to the HT and/or exams officer. Then it is no longer your problem.
  3. I was given a job lot of CLAIT assessments to mark. The WP one had the same word missing from each. A new lot appeared with the word in place. I marked all of them including one for a student who had never attended lessons.

    Just do as you're asked. The whistleblower is almost always the loser because the person you blow the whistle on is generally more senior, has been their longer and everyone will see your actions as driven by malice or jealousy.
  4. hardbastard

    hardbastard New commenter

    Report it anno to the SMT.
  5. tollolo

    tollolo New commenter

    Clearly report it. We need your school to drop down in league table to make us look better. Then take over your HoD's job afterwards and do a better job than she/he does.
  6. Think carefully before you act.
    Quite some time ago now a friend asked my advice on what to do in a similar situation. They were keen to tell the HT and I must say I agreed. They did tell the HT - NOTHING HAPPENED but my friend suddenly found a course (for DH) had been cancelled and they were interviewed for, but didn't get, three internal positions.
    Eventually they left the school. The person complained about is still there.
    These things can backfire.
    Good luck
  7. It is a difficult one....In many cases SMT probably are aware of this and are happy to turn the blind eye to benefit results. It is ultimately this constant pressure for results particularly in English, that makes people do things like this.
    Personally, I would not report it based on a similar situation that I am aware of.In that case, the exam papers of the whole year group were marked down. It also led to a wholw school inspection by the exam board in question.
    I suggest confronting the person in question and discussing the matter.
  8. I am a private tutor, and from what my students tell me, "cheating" is going on in some schools withlet us say mediocre results. Be careful, for it may be tacitly condoned or even encouraged by SMT who see a little extra help as an essential method of improving grades.Remember that heads of department are useful for writing references when the time comes.
  9. If you hadn't reported it, could you have lived with your conscience? If there are negative repercussions in your school, are you happy to work there anyway? You have done the right thing, for your own self respect, for the rest of the kids in the other groups, for future cohorts, and those kids in other schools who work hard and don't have the 'benefit' of a teacher who cheats.

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