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Awful Video footage of UNIT 3 A LEVEL DEVISED Piece (Edexcel)

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by corblimeyguvnor, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    I'm in a real quandry and don't know what to do!
    I've just sat down to transfer the video footage of my two A Level groups to DVD and it's really bad footage.
    Both devised pieces were promenade and site specifice (performed in four or five different venues around the school with moving transitions between each section in a Punchdrunk style).
    A colleague (media technician) held the camera attached to a tripod throughout both pieces. This means in transitions (where the audience were moving as the candidates acted around and amongst them) the footage is wobbly and can't always capture the acting of all candidates. In the scenes in set locations the camera was put down on the tripod, but in the outdoor locations the footage is really dim (it was dusk). Every time we move into a new location the camera takes about a minute to adjust to the new lighting so it is very blurry (and each scene was only 3 minutes long). In addition as the audience never sat down or stayed still there are times when the view is blocked by a moving audience member.
    What the footage does do is capture the audience 'experience' well, but not the acting (to justify the performance marks).
    Other than to have got a professional camera crew in I'm not sure what more we could have done to capture this style of work (we only have one camera). But will the Moderator understand this?
  2. Yes, I am sure the moderator will understand this. The DVD is there to back up your marks and comments. There is space on the DVD timesheet to comment, exactly as you have here, on the reasons for varied quality. I had a similar DVD with a promenade piece for the old unit 4, and that was fine for the moderator.

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