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Avocado and banana!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by sugarglass, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. just thought I'd share.... I was very very bored this morning. I also had an old past its best avocado and an over-ripe banana. What a waste I thought and so I mished it all up and smeared it all over my face in a face mask. Bit messy but anyway I left it on half an hour and then wiped and washed it off. It is really good - REALLY good. I did it out of boredom but it is like a really good facial. Made my haggard old fizzog feel really quite nice and tight. Great on the neck too. Give it a try! :D

  2. Sounds good! We always have a glut of bananas and avocadoes (two year old child in the house) so am aaaalll set...
  3. Get ready to be amazed CK!

  4. To follow on from the OP, my over ripe avos and bananas go into my toasted avo, banana and bacon sandwiches done in the sandwich toaster. YUM try it!!

    To CK. I forget our babies are the same age and we used to catch up on 'pregnancy'. Mine is 2 tomorrow. And loves banana and avo too!
  5. *quivers in anticipation*
  6. Have a lovely day tomorrow. We reach the '2' stage at the end of august.:)

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