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Averages for SEF

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by luvmyjob, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know what the national average for SEn children and statement children is in a aminstream school. Ofsted say " more than or less than average" but what are those averages? Trying to add to self evaluation. Help!
  2. It's in your Raise on Line. In primary, all SEN is usually around 20-21% (as I recall) and statements about 1.5-2%. But, have a look in your RoL for this year in the first section. Sorry- don't have mine with me today so can't give you exact figures.
    However, not sure if you mean the national average APS scores for children with SEN and statement. Again these are in your RoL.
  3. thanks. Knew it was somewhere obvious!
  4. If it's primary you're after :
    NA for SEN including statements is 20%
    NA for SEN statemented is 1.4%

    I have secondary figures if you need them

  5. thanks School Av for statements is currently 12% LA want us to admit some new children which will put us at13%! Way above Nat av!
  6. They usually have priority in admissions. Not anything to worry about in my opinion, just important for your school to be aware that you are significantly above the national when analysing results. If statements include learning, we calculate our data with and without them so that we can show any impact on the general statistics overall.
    In addition, a lot of statemented children (depending what for) can make some really good progress so it can be very positive when it comes to CVA.
    Also, consider in your SEF how such a number of pupils changes the character of the school- not in a negative way, but important to recognise.
    Finally, this is possibly a real compliment to the school that LA feel you provide for children with significant SEN well and that parents have faith in the school to do this. Be wary though that statements do come with adequate funding. A new type of 'unresourced' statement is now beginning to be drawn up. This simply gives the school legal obligations with no money to do it. And, now LAs (because of the funding crisis) are withdrawing any non-statutory SEN support. So even statemented pupils wouldn't see an Ed Psych for free if the LA didn't request it under stat. duty.
  7. 13% statement is a masive, and very unusual %. Statemented children, as far as I was aware, do not have priority admision, unless it comes under DDA , Indeed, a governing body can reject an admission application of a statemented child if they feel the shool cannot meet its needs. Statements do not always come with funding remember and to quote my SENCO, do little to help the child, but are more for the parents!
    If the LA are pushing you to take a statement, make sure they jimmy up spome extra cash!!!!!
  8. Sorry this should have read:
    many statements do very little to further help the child, but are more for the parents

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