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Average time to shortlist

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by BertyBoo, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Hi all Headteachers. Paragraphs don't work because I am on a mac - apologies. Ok, so I have applied for three jobs. One with deadline today and two deadlines yesterday. All three are jobs for September - I am wondering how long it would take to hear. One school shortlisting after school today and one did shortlisting this afternoon.

    I hate the wait and just want to be a HoD. I am so passionate about it.
  2. We try and contact same day we shortlist (by phone), but sometimes it's the next day if we meet late. I'd give it a few days in case they don't phone and just send a letter. So, exepct to hear within 3 or 4 days I would think.
  3. Someone might be poorly or want to have longer to look through the applications?
  4. We usually try to notify the same day, depending on what time the shortlisting ends, if there are only a few applications it can be a relatively short process (but not always!), however, I have been on shortlisting panels where we have had to go through over 20 applications and match them to the person spec. Would expect to hear within 48 hours though. Hope this helps.

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