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Average Point Scores

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Kenny9, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Kenny9

    Kenny9 New commenter

    Average Point Scores

    Can anyone tell me what would represent a good average point score...is it 3 or 4 over a year? I think I'm right in saying 2 sub levels would be 4.0 APS. Are there any Headteachers of Assessment Managers that can help me ? What APS represents inadequate, satisfactory, good and outstanding progress ?

    Thanks for your help
  2. 4 is average!
  3. Kenny9

    Kenny9 New commenter

    Sorry typo

    Are there any Headteachers or Assessment Managers
  4. Anything less than 3 is inadequate. 3 is satisfactory (meaning the child would make 1 full level every 2 yrs). Good would be 4 or more.
  5. 12 aps in 4 years is expected progress, ie 2 levels. 3 points is av. now don't forget that an individual child can only make multiples of 2 points, so 3 points is impossible.
    Good progress is over 3, if a school gets a 4 point average progress per year that's boardering on outstanding as it would ensure all your 2b's/2a's made it to 5, 1b/1a to 4 etc......which would, give you an excellent VA score, with a higher APS due to the lack of fine leveling in SATs.
    That's what Ofsted judged us in the new framework, however, you must triangulate that with teaching and work scrut.
  6. 3 satisfactory, 3.5 good, 4 outstanding.
  7. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    The simple answer is to take the figures for KS2 and then divide by 4.
    Outstanding = approx 14.4 APS gain across the key stage (102+ VA). So 3.7
    Good = approx 12.4 APS (+0.2 above national 2011), so 3.1 APS.
    Satisfactory = approx 11.2 APS (-1 below national, or 99-100 VA), so 2.7+
    In our OFSTED last year, the inspector was going as low as +2.5 for satisfactory.
    Remember that what APS doesn't show is % making progress, which is more critical, since a small number of high performing children can add value and mask a tail of underachievement which will show up in % two levels progress.
    I would add that the consistency of progress (ie almost all making appropriate progress to be good) needs to be considered alongside these figures.
  8. Agree with above: less than 3 = low, 3-4 Good, 4+ Outstanding. APART FROM KS1 where the average is 5 points (although this is generally 4 points in Y1 and 6 points in Y2 as the on-entry data for Y1 is a moveable feast. However, although this is a useful headline, like the previous poster mentioned, it can mask large variations in small cohorts. We therefore also use % of children at or above average attainment for year group (the governments current measure of choice) and % of children making 4 points progress (we set teachers' PM targets at 85%).
  9. mickeyforpresident

    mickeyforpresident New commenter

    This is all really useful. Thank you.
  10. 3 satisfactory, 4 good, 5+ accelerated progress

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