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Discussion in 'Personal' started by blazer, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I changed my avatar the other day in homage to the Great leader!

    However when I log in at school my posts show my old avatar! If I post from home I get the image of 'He who must be obeyed'!
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Wierd, that post has the new avatar!
  3. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    The image is cached at your school. Simply press "Ctrl+F5" and it will force a full reload of images.
  4. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    Mine does this too - especially on my iphone / ipad ...
  5. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    Hmmm - but it is ok on this one?
  6. Yes, you need to clear your cache with Ctrl+F5
  7. snail_friendly

    snail_friendly Occasional commenter

    No CTRL & F5 on an iphone :(
  8. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    All I can see is the same old blazer avatar.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Me too.
  10. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Do you two want to check the dates on this thread?
  11. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I think there ought to be an open day when posters have the chance to select avatars for each other and change the usual ones.
  12. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    I think threads should change colour as they mature, like leaves on a tree.

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