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Autumn term plans

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by unibright, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. unibright

    unibright New commenter

    Good afternoon, I've had a number of conversations about what we are meant to be doing in September. SLT say there's lot of advice for practical subjects in the guidance... I have read it twice and must be missing something. I've sat in on webinars where nearly everyone has different plans based on their own schools plan for reopening. It looks like we will be doing a normal school day, in normal locations and classes.

    Can anyone suggest where I might find more guidance than:
    Sit facing forward (impossible in workshop and kitchens)
    Keep 2m apart (same as above)
    Clean equipment between uses (not sure how you do that 5 times in a day and still teach).
  2. Reddead_B

    Reddead_B New commenter

    I would maybe plan to avoid practical work as much as possible until later in the year.. It is too risky other wise... How could you clean equipment 5 times a day?Are you planning on killing yourself.. I would tell SLT that you plan to limit practical until later in the year due to contamination risks. If they don't understand that they are covidiots.

    My workshop is being used as a classroom for a bubble so there will be little to no practical happening. ‍♂️

    Unfortunately practical subjects will struggle but it's for the greater good.

    Is your main classroom a practical room? Pupils cannot be sharing large desks in my opinion.
  3. Reddead_B

    Reddead_B New commenter

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