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Autumn craft activities - ideas please

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Charly27, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Charly27

    Charly27 New commenter

    We always enjoyed filling one of the trays with leaf litter collected on a walk. After free play - we also provided bug boxes, magnifying glasses, a camera and lots of paper on clipboards- we returned any minibeasts outside to hibernate. We then used our senses, with the exception of taste to describe the leaves. For sight we obviously got lots of colour words. Then we provided cut out leaf shapes [we were lucky in having those leaf threading templates which we could draw around and rub] the children 'wrote' the words.
    These were displayed as mobiles and on the topic/investigative table/display board.
    • mixed media collages [leaves real and paper; cellophane, sugar, crepe, card, foils etc]
    • leaf prints
    • paint around edges of leaves in autumn colours to give outline drawings
    • Number rhyme "5 little leaves so bright and gay, were dancing about on a tree 1 day. The wind came blowing through the town [cup your hands and say whoo, whoo, hoo, they love this] and 1 little leaf came tumbling down". [grit your teeth and go for it,I've never had an totally adverse reaction to the word gay in reception or nursery, and if anyone comments I just say it's another word for happy!]
    • apple prints [you can use the language of half/quarter for maths as well as oubserving the pips and counting pips too. Do all apples have the same number?
    • observational drawings of minbeasts, leaves, fruits and nuts [as long as no one has an allergy]
    • photographs taken of minibeasts, trees, fruits, nuts
    • Photographs are useful if you focus on one tree/border/area and take a phtograph in each of the seasons because it really helps children understand the passage of time, and the cycle of change
    • squirrels
    • owls
    • spiders the webs and spiders are especially amazing this year
    • bones and hansel and gretel nearer to end of October
    hope this helps!
  2. Josie Jo

    Josie Jo New commenter

    We always find that the children bring in loads of conkers that they find. We love doing conker rolling printing. Find a circular large tub or small circular washing up bowl. Cut Autumn coloured paper to put inside. Add conkers and red, brown, orange or yellow paint and let the children roll the conkers round and across the bowl.
    We also often make hibernating hedgehogs. Provide either individual or large hedgehog outline. Children cut and stick paper straws all over as spikes then paint brown. Display with autumn leaves around as if the hedgehog is hibernating.
    Leaf printing is also popular as well as leaf threading (fabric or paper outlines with holes punched for children to "sew".
    Simply providing autumn paint colours and photographs of autumn trees as a stimulus can encourage children to paint fantastic pictures of autumn trees.

  3. WOW!!! Thanks for all your ideas. They are fantastic. Will definately be doing some of these!!!

    Thanks so much!
  4. We are planning to choose a lovely sunny day to go out together and gather autumn leaves. We spend some time choosing our favourite leaf, then bring it inside where we split into our key groups for circle time . Each child describes their leaf and explains why they chose it (TA records childs words) Teacher/NNEB leads discussion about differences/ similarities- hold up your leaf if it is small/ thin/ragged/shiny etc. Conclude with links to ourselves, how we are all different but all special and what a wonderfully diverse world we live in.
    We laminate the leaves, it keeps them fresh for years.The children cut around the edges. They go in the children's special books along with the children's words. The books go home for the weekend prior to half term for the parents to see the fruits of this term's topic, Ourselves and our Senses. I think we've covered all areas of learning in this activity, which we look forward to every Autumn.
  5. I have an idea which I think could be fun. In the summer I took my class to a farm and the co-ordinator there took my class into the farmer's garden and gave them all a cardboard square with a strip of double sided tape attached. The children peeled way the tape and had to stick on natural things such as petals and grasses to see how many colours they could find. I think this would be could on an Autumn walk. The finished cards could be put together like a patchwork quilt.

    I have not tried this yet, but I think it would be successful. Certainly the activity on the farm produced really pretty cards and the children were all interested in the activity and it is not really easy to stick small items on a small piece of tape!
  6. Just found this thread and loved the ideas for autumn activities, as I was struggling with new and interesting ones! Anybody got anymore?!
  7. I've done this activity before:


    and this one, which I think someone has already suggested:

  8. There are a lot of great craft ideas here and with the school year about to begin, I am planning on doing some fall crafts with my class that can be used as decorations when they take them home. I teach 4th grade, so I wanted to find something that was not too complicated and came across these silhouette plates. To keep the project safe for my kids, I am going to try substituting the adhesive with a glue. The guide that I am using is http://factorydirectcraft.com/factorydirectcraft_blog/haunting-silhouette-plates/
  9. Small lump of clay with small twigs stuck in it to make a hedgehog. These can be displayed in Autumn leaves.
  10. sjca

    sjca New commenter

    There is a lovely book called Leaf Man. We read this and then used our autumn treasures to create our own leaf men.
  11. Thank you for that! It made me laugh out loud!!
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm afraid I still smile when I think about it (and we did all laugh at the time)
  13. I've just looked for this on Amazon and it costs a fortune!
    So I searched for it on ebay and it was a fortune and a half - one buy it now price of over £60!!!!!
    How good is this book?!!
  14. sjca

    sjca New commenter

    Wow I didn't pay £60 for it, ,my limit is usually £10. I only got it last year too, has lovely pictures but not worth £60.
    Has some sample pages which you could use with the children to see how leaves can be turned into things rather than abstract collages.
    This might be a nice alternative but I haven't got it so can't recommend it:

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