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Autumn Baby Club 2012

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by spiderkin, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. been waiting for someone else to post but as they haven't thought i'd say a tentative hello as i'm still very early on x
  2. Well *** it. I'm only 4 weeks, had 2 MC's one in June and the other in September but both times this was the place I turned to for advice and support. So even though it is early days I would love to join you guys. I've got everything crossed that I will be able to see this one though to a baby in my arms [​IMG]
    Congrats to all of you and sorry you are feeling rubbish Imagineer and Nicola. Nothing really symptom wise her. sore boobs every now and again but i guess the symptoms will increase as the weeks go on.
    It has taken ages for this site start, I hope we have some more members soon. x
  3. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Me too! And I hope one of them's me! Nice to be back in with a chance of getting into one of the clubs.
    Best wishes to you all!
  4. can I join please? found out a few weeks ago I am expecting baby number 2 mid-september (although obviously not had dating scan yet but pretty sure of dates)
    Have only told my HoD at work, we are a small dept and he and I are quite close, plus I wanted to swap our sixth form teaching around so I don't do radioactivity (with radioactive source practicals)
    Feel a bit like it hasn't sunk in yet, we concieved very quickly and I almost feel a bit guilty that it was so easy since I know so many people who have had problems. I'm really looking forward to seeing the scan and being able to tell everyone.
  5. Hi physicsgirl, do you have long to wait for a scan?
    I am hoping to visit the doctors this week and see if he can do some blood tests and hopefully send me for an early scan. Not that I'm panicing already, or worrying about every twinge or ache. I turn the light on everytime I use the bathroom and have been testing everyday since i found out.
    On the plus side the internet cheapies I've been testing with have got darker and darker everyday so that has to be a positive. Also the first test i did with a first response 6 days sooner on 10dpo was really dark. The last 2 times I tested at 11dpo and 13dpo (previous pregnancies), they were no where near as dark. [​IMG]
    Trying to stay grounded but so excited.
    4 +2
  6. So I am taking the plunge after a digital test pronounced the words 'pregnant 1-2 weeks'!
    Really early days and am planning a whole pregnancy test marathon for the next few days just to make sure.
    Worryingly I have felt a bit sick the last few days, surely morning sickness can't start yet?
  7. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Many congratulations ladies - fantastic news!!!!
    Now..... step away from the tests - you are pregnant!!!! At some point repeat testing will scare someone as it did me when I kept doing it - my 3+ weeks went down and I thought it was all over but i'd used urine which wasn't as concentrated. I shouldn't have kept doing them!!
    ((((((((((((((((((A happy, healthy 9 months to you all))))))))))))
    Coolgiraffe (38+1) xxx
  8. Thanks all, -
    sleepy me - my scan it on February 28th, which is just after 12 weeks, not long to wait really.
    Heather T -I don't think it is ever too early for morning sickness, doesn't mean it will get worse though. This time and last time I felt noticably sick from a good few days before I even took a test and yet have never actually been sick, just felt a bit travel sick but been able to carry on. The only think I am finding hard is headaches, I seem to get them every other day, drinking lots of water is helping a bit but not entirely, it's hard because I don't want to take painkillers much but it's hard teaching with a headache.
    Otherwise I'm doing well.
    8 + 2
  9. i'm 6/7 weeks and not feeling at all pregnant this time. i was chucking my guts up several times a day by this point with LO!.... if i didn't have sore boobs and still no sign of AF i'd worry i weren't pregnant....
  10. Imagineer

    Imagineer New commenter

    Welcome all you lovely and soon to be blooming girlies!

    I know its early days but now is the time we can need most support from each other so don't hesitate to use us as a shoulder to cry on.

    I had an early scan today because of some bleeding, wasn't too sure I'd see anything and sure enough my dates may be wrong. That old chestnut! Not sure why they say count from your last period if it always means that you're not as far on as you thought when you get scanned.

    Back in two weeks to see if I have any growth so fingers crossed.

    All you angelic patient ladies who have had more trials than others, the very best of luck for this time, I'm sure the summer holidays and the Olympics being on will give us all plenty of excuses to put our feet up and fully indulge in being pregnant.

    Keep posting without fear of being too eager, there's no shame in being giddy or proud of your achievement however early!

    PS - ofsted in on wed and thurs and I'm signed off sick, GUTTED!
  11. Thanks Imagineer, sounds perfect to me being signed off for ofsted!
    I was really sick with my LO til about 22 weeks, not in hospital but a few times a day everyday and I am serious hoping I won't be as bad this time. I got headaches last time and I bought some cooling gel patch things that I put on the back of my neck and a 4head stick to help with it - have you tried them?
    I'm ordering some seabands for sickness, i didn't try them last time but my friend said they were brilliant.
    Oh and pregnancy vitamins are 3 for 2 at tesco (I noticed while shoving 2 boxes of 2 pregnancy test in my basket!)
  12. Imagineer

    Imagineer New commenter

    I tried the bands they make me feel worse, can't even touch my own arm there its gives me the willies!

    When you were sick with your LO Heather T did you have to stay off work the whole time? I'm randomly sick all day and feel horrendous the rest of the time. I have one of the god sent 4Head sticks already they are a real help especially at bed time.

    If it makes you feel any better I never got much sickness last time so every pregnancy is different!

    Hoping my birthday Chinese is not massively ambitious tonight x
  13. Hey all.
    I've got no symptoms at all, not even sore boobs. I only know im pregnant coz of the positive tests. Petrified its a bad sign. I had really sore boobs with my last pregnancy right up to the point it stopped growing. I'm still temping and my temps are still up so thats good.
    Ive got a doctors appointment tomorrow where I'm hoping they will let me book an early scan esp as the last mc was a missed one. I know its silly to want morning sickness and im sure if i get i will regret saying this, but any symptoms would be helpful. Still its early days got a long way to go yet. Nice to see there are a few more faces. [​IMG]
  14. I my Mum saying that it's good that I was being sick as it means the hormones are strong, and looking back I can see it. But at the time it was horrendous. I got signed off for a week when I had a cold because the snot made me sick even more, but my doc was terrible and I changed because of it. He told me to drink a glass of milk and eat a gingernut... The next doc gave me tablets which were amazing, they didn't always work but I was only sick once a day if at all.
    My boobs started hurting today! I'm dreading getting the maternity bras out, they make my boobs look massive and saggy (which they are of course, lol!)

  15. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hey Sleepy, don't worry!
    I didn't get any symptoms until about 6 or 7 weeks and that was only a bit of queasiness, nothing major!
    Even then the feeling disappeared one week, returned the next, disappeared again etc.
    Just push for your early scan so you have your mind put at rest xxx
  16. Imagineer

    Imagineer New commenter

    Same here Sleepy sweetheart, I didn't even feel preggers at 12 weeks when everyone was asking what it felt like! All I could say was erm a bit different?!

    Give your hormones a chance, they'll kick in soon I'm sure and then you'll feel lots better/worse :)
  17. Thanks coolgiraffe and imagineer, I am trying to stay positive but worry and doubt always seem to niggle. I dont think it will truely go away until my little seed is born. x
  18. Imagineer

    Imagineer New commenter

    Oh and I'm signed off because couldn't get through a lesson without choking back the chunks! The doc I'm with isn't a fan of drugs for the nausea, but to be honest I'm taking all the rest I can get cos I know what's coming hopefully in a few months! bye bye sleep xxx
  19. Well that was almost pointless. Went to the doctor who basically said tough you will just have to wait and see. She did say she would book me a scan for 7 weeks but they won't do anything else unless I have had 3 miscarriages. Why do you have to wait for 3 to find out there was a problem which could have be fixed?
    When I asked about the lack of symptoms she went on about how sensitive tests are these days and how in the past you would just have thought your period was a week late. So that filled me with confidence.
    I was beginning to feel better after your comments last night but now feel rubbish again. I have to wait until the end of Feb for a midwife appointment. so now I've got about 3 weeks of just waiting. I just wanted some blood tests to check that everything was doubling as it should be. [​IMG]
  20. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Hi Sleepy,
    I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to be doing the waiting game but it won't be until about 7 weeks that the little heartbeat will be visible. Some people go and get a scan a bit earlier and see a blob shape but it won't mean everything's going in the right direction until you see that beautiful heart beating away at 7 weeks. Once you see that it'll have a better chance of survival.
    Try to think of it as 3 weeks of nurturing for your little bean instead of 3 weeks of waiting. You've got to focus now on staying positive, looking after yourself, taking the vitamins and making sure your body is baby paradise.
    It is like they say the fault of early testing that creates this worry and waiting but we are just so desparate to find out we can't help it.
    It must be so hard for you but please try to stay calm and focussed to make sure your body is in the bestest condition it can be for your little bean to flourish.
    I'm sure everyone is rooting for you xxx
    Coolgiraffe xxx

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