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Autumn Baby Club 2010

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by ruby_neurotic, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I can't see one of these threads yet so I though that I would start it!
    I'm almost 5 weeks pregnant and my due date is 17th September 2010. I already have a daughter that is nearly 10 so although this is not my first pregnancy it's so long ago that it almost feels like my first!
    Please feel free to join me ;) Hopefully as time gets on more people will get their BFP and join!
  2. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Not even TTC until next month, but there's something exciting at the prospect (slim I realise) of making it on to an 'existing' topic where real babies are concerned!
    Congrats on your BFP - stay happy and healthy! [​IMG]
  3. Thankyou [​IMG]
    Good luck with your ttc x
  4. Congratulations! I am TTC at the moment and really really hoping this is the month. I want mine to be an Autumn baby!
  5. Bioteach

    Bioteach New commenter

    Hello. I found out that I'm pregnant on Wednesday! I think I'm 4.5 weeks and due on 21st Sept. To be honest I have no idea what to do next but I will be going to see my doctor next week.
  6. handrail

    handrail New commenter

    Hello!!! As some of you will already know, I have just found out I'm pregnant - almost 7 weeks and due on September 7th :eek:)
  7. Hello everyone and congratulations on your pregnancys!!
    After a rather traumatic second pregnancy, which resulted in us having to make the heartbreaking decision to terminate we are pregnant again!!! I think that i'm about 6ish weeks pregnant but we're not too sure as I never had another period after the termination. That would give us a due date of the 14th of Sept.

    I'm really worried with this pregnancy and so scared that something will go wrong. I had a bit of a bleed today and although the doctors have told me its very common I can't help worrying! Our consultant scanned us when we went for my check up so I know its not eptopic or anything like that. I have an early scan in 2 weeks time and i'm praying that everythings going to be ok.

    I hope that your early weeks of pregnancy have been a little less hectic!!

  8. Hi everyone! I've also just found out i'm pregnant...think about 4 weeks. By my calculations baby due 25 September! So exciting. I've only just found out so am still in utter shock!! Am looking forward to enjoying this journey with you guys xx
  9. MrsLg

    MrsLg New commenter

    Hi girls, got my BFP today! Very excited and in shock! Think I am about 3 weeks and due on around the 30th Sept. x
  10. Congrats ladies, looks like this is going to be a busy thread!
  11. Wow so many September babies! Congratulations to all you ladies [​IMG]
  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    That's brilliant news Mrs Lg!
  13. Yes...congrats Mrs Lg! Don't know about you guys but i'm still in utter shock!! Unfortunately the good news is undermined by the fact I have an awful cold and really bad chesty cough and can't get to the docs until monday to see what is safe to take!! Typical!!
  14. Paracetamol is safe to take (although not 100% sure about taking it in the first 12 weeks), but the doc would probably recommend that you mainly drink hot water/lemon juice and honey, or breathe in steam to loosen the stuff on your chest!
    Congrats ladies! [​IMG]
  15. Thanks Clematis...will make some right now coz the coughin is beginning to really hurt my tummy and back which I dont like!! x
  16. goonergirl2009

    goonergirl2009 New commenter

    Congratulations to all you lucky mums-to-be! It is so nice to have so many positive posts at the moment! I am looking forward to the day I can join a thread like this properly! x
  17. Congratulations everyone! I'd like to join this thread please. Got my BFP just this morning and am still in mega shock! Just saying it out loud sounds weird, and as if I'm talking about someone else!
    Shellybelly, I've already congratulated you on the ttc thread - looks like we're due on the same day! You obviously had the same idea as me at New Year ;-)
    Quick question for you all - are you suffering from heartburn at all? I've had this for a week now and it's one of the reasons I suspected I might be preggers as I never usually get it. Driving me nuts. I know I can take Rennies, but just wondering how long it might last? I thought heartburn was something you only suffered with in the later stages, but clearly I'm very misguided!
    Thanks, and congrats again!
  18. MrsLg

    MrsLg New commenter

    Thanks for all the congratulations, the same to you!!
    God this is gonna sound really stupid, but does anyone else keep thinking it might just go away! I've had really bad backache lately and it went away a few hours a go for a little while and I wanted to do another hpt to check bean hadn't gone away!!
    I guarentee I will be doing tests everyday for a while to check. Until morning sickness kicks in that is!
  19. It's my 1st time bluedevil and I have had bleeding too - well brown spotting! It's scary but supposed to be relatively common, going for an early scan this week so fingers crossed. My EDD is 14th September too! I hope that this pregnancy goes brilliantly for you both, I can't imagine how difficult your last pregnancy must have been (((((((bluedevil)))))). Here's hoping everyone has super successful pregnancies!

  20. Thank you llovejelly. The bleeding has stopped and touch wood wont be back! I was worried as it was bright red but will just have to keep our fingers crossed that everything is ok.
    I feel really sorry for the lady with heartburn (sorry I can't remember who it was and I dont know how to go back and check) I didn't realise you could get it this early on either. I had heartburn towards the end of my first pregnancy and that seemed to last forever. Fingers crossed yours will go soon!!
    So pleased that there are so many September babies!! Does anyone think we should start a edd list? There used to be one when I use to post with my first pregnancy. It was exciting to see your name gradually getting to the top of the list!!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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