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Autumn babies 2011

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by moomoon, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Oooh, congratulations!!
    Hope you get some newbies joining you soon.
  2. bella1981

    bella1981 New commenter

    Hi there Bella, got BFP new year and think due date is 3rd September but not sure :)
  3. Hi Bella. Congratulations! It's so exciting isn't it. How are you feeling? x
  4. Congratulations! :eek:) x
  5. Hey Bella, I say leave the planning for the next few weeks and do what us teachers do best; wing it! That's what I've had to do just to get through last week but it's been fine. You need your strength to grow that little baby!
    Not been feeling so sick today so of course I'm now panicing as to whether bean's all ok. Can't wait for first scan.
  6. Snap! Although have made my booking in appointment.... felt good telling a 'real" person, lol!!
  7. Feel rubbish today. LO kept us awake all night (from 2-5) screaming. Teething maybe. Felt like a dead weight each time I had to get out of bed; thank God neither me nor my OH have to work today although I feel I have wasted my precious day off feeling like ****, and he's gone off to play golf. Oh, and the house is a mess!! (On the plus side I am looking at feeling sick as a sign that everything is OK!)
  8. No nausea today at all!! Hope everything's OK with little bean!
  9. By the way LO slept through again last night; was just giving us a horrible night as she knew we both had a day off the next day, lol! Glad you've listened to your body Bella and are resting, it's obviously what you need to build your baby! I'm not usually one to wish my life away, but.... hurry up the next 7 weeks or so!! x
  10. Hello, I thought I would take a chance and join on here. I got my bfp on friday in my first month of trying. I cannot believe how lucky I am to be pregnant and am in total disbelief. When does it start to sink in? is it normal to think everytime I feel a twinge something is wrong and everytime they stop I worry something is wrong? I think my EDD is around the 22nd of Sept, does that mean as I'm 2 weeks past ovulation I am classed as 4 weeks already? I just hope this bean is sticky. Sorry I have so many questions x
  11. bella1981

    bella1981 New commenter

    Hi all hope you are feeling well. Congratulation Rainbow I think 4 weeks is right as its calculated from 1st day of last period. I

    have an appointment today at hospital. I had a minor op planned for in 2 weeks time which I think they will cancel due to my news but will see. Tomorrow morning is my first midwife appointment and don't have a clue what to expect.
  12. We don't get bored! I have had to trek all the way over here to find out how you both are due to lack of pregnancy talk on our thread. Hope the next few weeks goes fast for you. My second pregnancy flew by compared to the first, probably because I already had a LO to focus on rather than the pregnancy being the focus if that makes sense.

  13. Haha, love it! That would confuse everyone!
    Today I have been worrried sick as I have an awful stomach ache. To be honest I half think / desperatly hope it may be constipation, something I have suffered with for years and I have been quite irregular for the last few weeks. If it is still bad tomorrow I may phone the doctors. Do you have any idea what I can take to aid this during preganancy? I'm drinking as much as I can and eating plenty of fruit and veg.
    I told one of the other teachers today as we have classrooms near each other and I wanted to warn her incase I needed to borrow her or my TA to help cover my class if I need to escape quickly. She was so excited but terrified at keeping the secret! When do we have to inform school about pregnancy officially?
    I want the pain to go before I tell my parents as I want to be a bit more certain that things will progress. Your parents sound like they could be very useful, I think waiting for this doctors appointment to pass is definitely the solution as at least we have started to tell people.
    I haven't felt nauseous this week thankfully, I'm sure I have all that to come. I just wish my tummy would stop hurting.[​IMG]
  14. Just googled (dangerous I know) constipation and trapped wind in early pregnancy and after reading a few pages found a link to this and taking Pregnacare Vitamins. This would fit perfectly.
    I had just been taking folic acidand had been fine. When I went shopping at the weekend I bought these (more expensive, for people who are pregnant; must be better for me) and actually it fits perfectly with when the pain started. So annoyed I have just taken tonights about half an hour ago, [​IMG] at least I know that if I go back to taking just normal folic acid that things should return to normal and if they don't over the next couple of days then I will definitely contact the doctors.
  15. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    Hi, I've had constipation problems a lot over the years, and found that
    the most effective thing to help me 'along' was syrup of figs? Worked
    really well for me many times. Other than that,

    I think it's just generally making sure to eat enough fibre, roughage, fruit, veg etc.The usual! Maybe it is the pregnacare vitamins though? I'm not taking anything other than the folic acid yet, I thought I'd wait and ask my doc and diabetes practitioner what I should be taking. Try not to worry though - I'm the same, just freaking out at every twinge, every odd feeling... I had a really upset stomach yesterday and was totally scared by it, worried that it would mean something was wrong, or would bring on a mc. Trying not to worry though, as stress just makes everything worse.
    Haven't really had any nausea today, and now I'm worrying cos it's stopped when it seems to be getting worse! How stupid, am such a fretter at the moment. Still don't think this has sunk in - I want to tell everyone in the world to make it real, so hard not telling! Can't wait to see doc on Thurs, want to know how far on I am, how to calculate it etc, given that I have an irregular cycle. Want something to put on my calendar!
    As for informing school, I think legally we don't have to tell them for ages! Not sure when I'll tell - am really scared about it, more than anything else. Only started at my school in Sept and not sure how they'll take it. Plus, think I'll need a reasonable amount of time off work for extra diabetes ante-natal appts. Not going to be popular. On the other hand though, part of me thinks that I should tell sooner as they'll need maternity cover, so might want to tell before Easter etc? What were you thinking?
  16. Legally you have to inform school something like 15 weeks before your due date. Personally I think someone may have noticed by then, lol! I feel really strange about telling people. OH can't wait and I'm more reserved about it. Why's that? I hope to God it's not a sixth sense of mine that something is wrong.... I am feeling nauseous again on and off and last night couldn't sleep but apart from that- no symptoms! I wish I'd kept a really detailed pregnancy diary with my LO so that I'd have something to compare this to! That said, i think I've dropped a couple of hints-unintentionally- to my planning partner. I'm sure she must suspect! Choc- you probably won't get an accurate due date til your scan as you have had such irregular cycles. They'll go by the first day of your last period and give you a due date based on a 28 day cycle, no matter what you say. Roll on scan time for all of us!!
  17. Have you looked back to the start of the winter thread? Might be some things on there that you had forgotten.
  18. I feel so much better today, thankfully. I went to sleep eventually last night crying in pain and woke up this morning feeling a million times better. I'm back to just taking folic acid and I will stick to that now.
    Now my boobs are really tender and I huge! I was always a ff to g cup with a very small back so really can't imagine ever being bigger! How much are you all finding this?

  19. Oh and I meant to say good luck at the doctors tomorrow Chocolate, I hope it goes well!
  20. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    Hi all!
    Well, had the doctor's appointment today. Feeling very excited! Trying to contain it, but it's so hard! Praying my little bean is sticky. Doctor has given me a provisional due date of Sept 10th and said I'm nearly 7 weeks pregnant. He's said I should get an early appointment and scan because of my diabetes. I don't think that I'm as far gone as they say, because that's based on my shortest cycle. I am so so SO excited right now! YAAAARRRRR!! Struggling to keep it in! He also left me on my current diabetes medication, which is fantastic as I really didn't want to go onto injected insulin.
    Told my mum and dad, and my brothers and sister! Everyone really excited, and really supportive. Makes it so much more real. They've been so lovely, so happy for us and so keen to help in any way that they can. Everyone's positivity made me feel so special, and I know that if anything does go wrong they will all be there, around me, helping me.
    My sickness has largely gone over the last couple of days, which worries me a little. Kinda want it to come back so that I can be reassured! Is that weird?

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