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Autograph / TSM Workshop Competition

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by MrBartonMaths, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. MrBartonMaths

    MrBartonMaths Administrator

    Hello everybody
    I just wanted to let you know that today TES have launched a competition to win a place at this year's TSM Workshop. The workshop runs between 11th and 14th July and is visited by delegates from all over the world to learn new skills on Autograph, Cabri, Excel, the internet and much more. The prize includes all meals and accommodation and is valued at £440.
    To be in with a chance of winning, you are invited to create and upload a short video of you using Autograph to demonstrate a topic or concept. This does not have to be done in the classroom, it can simply be you recording steps on your computer in much the same way as I do my weekly series of Autograph videos. This can be done using free software such as Jing or BB Flashback Express.
    Full details about the competition, how to record videos (including a video demonstration), and how to submit your entries can be found here: https://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storyCode=6082400
    The closing date is Monday 20th June. If you have any questions, either let me know on this thread or email me at teachers@mrbartonmaths.com
    Happy recording!
  2. MrBartonMaths

    MrBartonMaths Administrator

  3. September

    September New commenter

    How about a place for someone who does not know how to use Autograph. The winner will be someone who already knows how to use it.

  4. MrBartonMaths

    MrBartonMaths Administrator

    A fair point! All I would say is that even experienced users of Autograph should gain a lot from TSM (I know I did when I first went a few years ago), and there is always the option to donate your prize to a teacher who you feel would benefit more.

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