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Autism in Design and Technology

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by nathanlukewong, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I am currently writing an essay on students with Autism in Design and Technology and am having a few difficulties trying to find resources. Does anyone know where I could find some information of safety considerations for students with autism in the area of Design and Technology.
    Your help is much appriacated.
  2. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    First i'd try DATA, they seem to have answers for a lot of stuff like this.

    In fairness though, in most schools it will be up to the teacher to liaise with the senco and check statements, IEPs e.t.c. And make decisions accordingly. You may find that some schools have a policy about it (they have them for everything else) but i've certainly never heared of a national standard or anything.

    Other sources may be charities and organisations who are involved.

    Sorry i cant be more help.
  3. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Another victim of the apple curse! There were paragraphs when i voted.
  4. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    *wrote it!!! I give up!
  5. Thank you both for your advice.

    I guess the difficulty is trying to find theory that supports real world application and like you said it depends on the school.
    Seems very big in the UK this idea of inclusive education.
  6. bigpedro

    bigpedro New commenter

    Yep! Double edged sword at times tho.

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