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Authors address

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Leasa, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Leasa

    Leasa New commenter

    As part of my Y3 literacy unit on Authors and letters I would like my class to write a letter to Shirley Hughes. The only problem is I can't locate an address to send the letters to.
    I have read on here about a book titled Address book of Childrens Authors and Illustrators, does anyone have it and would be kind enough to send me the postal address if it is listed in there for Shirley Hughes?
    Thank-you in advance
  2. Sorrim

    Sorrim Occasional commenter

    The book was compiled by Gervase Phinn and you can order a copy.
    Sorrim x
  3. Sorrim

    Sorrim Occasional commenter

    Sorry meant to be a bit more helpful!!! If you go onto Gervase Phinn's website there's a menu at the left hand side from which you can choose Children's Authors.
    Sorrim x
  4. Leasa

    Leasa New commenter

    Thanks for the post Sorrim but all it led me to was an order form and I am reluctant to order a copy of the book especially as I don't even know if the Shirley Hughes address is in there.

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