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Author Royalty explained

Discussion in 'TES Authors' Group' started by TES_Rosaline, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. TES_Rosaline

    TES_Rosaline Administrator Staff Member

    We’re streamlining royalty levels across the world. So from 1 December 2016, no matter where you sell your resources, the same royalty structure will apply.

    Find out more

    If teachers in the US buy your resources, you will no longer receive the promotional rate of 100%. The royalty you receive will match your level for the rest of the world. So you will earn a little less for each US sale. But, for the first time, you will be able to offer discounts to US buyers by taking part in TES funded sales, and holding your own sales. This will help boost your earnings.

    Everything else remains the same.

    Your royalty level (New, Bronze, Silver or Gold) depends on how many resources you have in your shop. This system rewards our most active authors, it's easy to understand and moving to the next level is entirely in your control as an author. We also give you new features and benefits as you move up the levels to further reward our most engaged authors.

    At the new author level we add a 30p/30c transaction fee for each purchase. This helps cover our costs for smaller sellers. Once you publish 10 resources and enter the Bronze level you'll no longer pay any transaction fees on purchases.

    Royalty levels table image.jpg


    Depending on the country in which your buyer is located, different VAT/Tax rates may apply to your sales. This means you might earn slightly different amounts for sales of the same resources, if they have been purchased by buyers in different countries. To demonstrate this, let's see real before-and-after examples of what you'd earn from a purchase made in England, Australia, and the US. I've listed these examples for a £10 resource but they're exactly the same for a resource priced in dollars.

    New authors earn less; the fastest way to increase your earnings is to publish your first 10 resources.

    Comparison table image.jpg

    Finally, a few words about Value-Added Tax, or VAT. For our authors outside the European Union, I apologize in advance. VAT is complicated!

    TES - and in fact all companies, regardless of where they are headquartered - are required by EU law to collect VAT on many goods including digital teaching resources. When buyers are located in the UK the VAT rate is 20%, but some EU countries have different rates. The law requires that prices shown to customers are inclusive of VAT, so that 20% equates to £0.17 in a £1.00 purchase. (I warned you it was complicated! Try a calculator to see for yourself: http://www.vatcalculator.co.uk/)

    Our new royalty levels calculates VAT before royalties. We did this for only one reason: we wanted to pay authors more on purchases where no tax is due.

    Remember, VAT rate is calculated on the location of your buyer, your location has no effect on the royalties that you earn.

    As always we're looking for your feedback, let us know what you think of this change here or email us at authors@tes.com.
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  2. yasith24

    yasith24 New commenter

  3. Thanks for the post :)

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