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Author Consultation Follow-up 3: Royalty Levels

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. iandoublem

    iandoublem New commenter

    Another idea! More analytics. I have a YouTube channel and one of the best things to help are their analytics tools. They allow me to do all sorts, including finding out how people found my videos, what they searched to find the video, what they thought of the video etc. Of course, some of these ideas are not directly relateable to TES resources, but more analytics that allow authors to see how people are finding their resources, how long people spend reading/looking at previews, whether they came from a specific search term, a link or a suggestion on here would help authors to tailor their descriptions and meta-tags to ensure that people who are searching for resources can find the things they want/need.
  2. Best_Newcomer_2009

    Best_Newcomer_2009 New commenter

    Hi everyone. I've been working so hard on my shop and the dream is to be a full-time resource author. I thought I might be able to achieve a pretty good turnover if I was able to put the hours into it. However, the changes to royalties will mean dropping from a Gold author to the lowest level. I would love to be able to make £6,000+ a year in sales, but I don't know if that is even achievable. How many authors are currently making over £6k? I feel like TES is using this as a way of having to pay out fewer royalties and it feels terribly unfair to have worked so hard and have it taken away. If there's no way of changing this, would there be a way of keeping current authors on current statuses?

    I must agree with iandoublem about the analytics as well. I would love to find out more about my sales and the 'unconverted' to be able to create a better shop. I also agree with his point about reviews. Especially when they are paid reviews, I think TES could be a bit more forceful. Unpaid resources, to my mind, shouldn't need further prompting due to the 'gift horse-mouth' principle, but when you've spent hours on something it would be great to get feedback.
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  3. nick_redshaw

    nick_redshaw Occasional commenter

    I had a very positive 1 hour telephone conversation with Ben Wheeler yesterday resulting me having a telephone conversation tomorrow at 4pm with the Big Cheese, the Count of Monty Christo - so really positive I will be discussing the idea that I have proposed many times in the past the creation of a small team of authors to check the quality of resources (not your own in house team that very few people trust). - I have stressed that as I see it the main concern is quality of resources and I don't believe this would be an onerous task as most resources are of a high quality – we are simply being targeted by negative trolls (probably FREE authors who hate the paid system – a lot of teachers out there as we know don’t like the thought of paying for resources. I will keep you informed. All the best (I hit the £10,000 milestone this month). Nick Redshaw - Gold Author
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  4. ilaxippatel

    ilaxippatel New commenter

    A annual subscription for better royalties and the scrapping of the 30p transaction fee would be a welcome idea for me (like *** as others have mentioned).
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  5. labellaroma

    labellaroma Occasional commenter

    I quite agree with you.
  6. labellaroma

    labellaroma Occasional commenter

    How long did it take you to reach this milestone?
  7. ClassroomChemist

    ClassroomChemist New commenter

    Is there due to be an update regarding the royalty changes? If I remember rightly they are set to be implemented soon and it was stated that a new proposal would be forthcoming.
  8. ajs12345

    ajs12345 New commenter

    Congrats on hitting the 10K!

    I too had a conversation with Ben a while back and I felt the conversation was very productive. I have yet, however, to see much change on the platform that reflects the general consensus of many sellers regarding how it might be improved. One can only hope that there's stuff in the pipeline.

    It's great that they are open to new ways of vetting the resources. The current system simply doesn't work and the 'TES recommends feature' is a dinosaur at best and deeply biased at worst. For me, it is how resources are checked, vetted and recommended that will define how successful the platform is going forward. Buyers need to feel that the 'TES recommends feature' is a gold standard that they know is the very best the website has to offer. At the minute, I don't feel this is the case, only compounded by a bloated inventory of resources that makes finding good stuff very difficult indeed.

    Please keep us posted on how the conversation goes! :)
  9. PollyPuddleduck

    PollyPuddleduck New commenter

    Any changes to this?

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