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Australian themed role play area...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by kellywaaad123, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. For Year 1...any ideas???
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Why Australia? Might help to give us a starting point...
  3. Check out The Rabbits by Shaun Tan!
    Aboriginal paintings as well!
  4. In my year 5/6 classroom lin the summer term we created the Sydney Opera House, we had books about Australia, Travel information, displayed work and Australian artefacts.
  5. Year 1 might like lots of Australian animals and they can make them homes or play animal rescue hospital - there will be lots of videos online of aussie animals being rescued from bush fires, floods or habitat destruction. Wombats, possums, kangaroos, wallabys, Australian birds such as Rosellas, Sulphur crested cockatoos, galahs, and of course kookaburras and a platypus. Could they be Rangers for a National Park?? Our year 3 and 4 children do a big unit on National Parks and how the rangers work to look after the flora, fauna and habitats.
    They could make or plant some australian plants, wattles, gum trees, bottle brush?
    Otherwise being a role play area you might do some bondi beach surf live saving, have a bbq for some prawns al la Paul Hogan's iconic advert!! Actually what about some food in an aussie themed menu, kangaroo steaks, crocodile, witchety grubs and other 'bush tucker' and iconic aussie cakes like lamingtons and pavlova, meat pies.
    Aussie sport such as AFL?? Boomerang throwing? Make and colour your own boomerang. Make and decorate a didgeridoo.
    What do you want them to learn about Australia? There are a lot of units of work around a book called Possum Magic by Mem Fox, one of our most famous current children's authors. The possum travels around Australia collecting different foods in each capital city. Mem Fox has a website and a quick google will give you lesson ideas. We sometimes make a pavolova, vegemite snadwiches and lamingtons, pumpkin scones and eat minties (which are sweets) andt then you see how long a strip you can tear the minty wrapper into, a favourite pastime on long car trips which you would be familiar with if you were a child growing up in Australia as going on holidays always involves a looonng car trip.
    We don't really have a national dress or any special cultural food, its a mish mash of cuisines from around the world.
  6. I would agree with animal. Here is a great website for dreamtime stories, just go through them carefully as some are relevant to yr 1 but some are a little bit too old
    This could set off lots of different ideas for role plays etc

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