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Australian Teacher Ratings

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by tjh102, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. tjh102

    tjh102 Occasional commenter

    Hi all,

    I am a British teacher working in an Australian curriculum school. I have just had my first performance review and am just a little bit confused as to how your teacher ratings align to ours.

    In the UK, we have the gradings "outstanding", "good", "requires improvement" and "satisfactory". So it is quite performance based.

    My Australian school follows the system of "graduate teacher", "proficient teacher", "highly accomplished teacher" and "lead teacher."

    But these don't seem to align. Am I right in thinking that the Australian model is more a job description? So the "lead teacher" is what an "advanced skills teacher" used to be in the UK?

    I am just trying to work out if I should be worried that I only got "highly accomplished". I usually come out as "outstanding" in the UK, and I really can't see any way I could get "lead teacher" without my job description being changed!

    Any feedback would be appreciated. And sorry if I sound big headed... Really not the intention!
  2. chalkandduster

    chalkandduster New commenter


    I’m not sure whether it is too late to reply to this, given that the post is a few months old. However, I’ll share my (limited) knowledge on the topic.

    I have to start by saying that I am not familiar with the British system, as I have never had any direct experience working in it. I teach in a primary school in NSW and am in the process of becoming a Proficient Teacher.
    I think there may a bit of confusion, as to me this terminology (Graduate, Proficient, etc.) is not part of an appraisal/review process, but rather a progression from being a teacher who has just graduated to one who, with experience and by demonstrating evidence of certain teaching practices (by meeting very specific criteria) moves to ‘higher’ levels.

    I don’t know whether I’ve explained myself very well, but I think what you were talking about in your post ( i.e. appraisal and rating) is different, in a way, to the levels I’ve just mentioned.

    I hope this makes sense.

  3. laurene87

    laurene87 New commenter

    It is a supportive system here. No judgement such as the UK. Teachers progress by meeting different standard stages. Therefore a graduate won't have the same expectations than a senior teacher. Good news too, you can get accredited as Highly accomplished teacher and earn more money. Instead of a 20 min observation, it is a year process of gathering evidence to prove that you are meeting the HAT standard. Same process for school review, it is not an inspection, but a school review that will determine the priority for the next 4 years. Much fairer system :)
  4. NewScienceTutor

    NewScienceTutor New commenter

    Thank you for this. This is very reassuring to a teacher new to the area

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