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Discussion in 'Primary' started by Anonymous, Oct 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Having celebrated Christmas in Australia twice, it's very different to over here. Bondi beach and a few tinnies for one!! Talk about the differences - how would they celebrate? Create a menu. Also - Australia is very multicultural - certainly not English people but lots of Italians, Japanese, Thai etc. Diaries / blogs of how they spent the day.
    Texts - How about a page of texts between relatives in England and in Oz? Compare the day.
    Of course - there is a time difference.
  2. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    I like that Robyn, thanks.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    That just came to me. I was about to suggest postcard or email but no one does that.
    How about Twitter? 90 characters or less. Now that would be a challenge.
  4. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    er maybe! I know nothing about twitter really!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Yes - but 10 year olds do. I have done a lot of work with this age group on IT issues and it is amazing what they know.
    I would suggest a pretend Facebook page with status updates but we all know children this age don't know what Facebook is!!!!
  6. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    I know Im being cheeky but any ideas for Australia day?? :))
  7. Make Anzac biscuits!

  8. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Just because they know what it is doesn't mean we should be encouraging it in school. Facebook has age guidelines. I don't know if Twitter does or not.
  9. If you google "Bush Christmas" you will find some books, movies and songs for Australia. There is a version of the 12 days of Christmas Aussie style.
    I have an integrated unit of work on Australa if you want me to send it to you, just the graphic organiser and the tasks linked to our NSW outcomes... but there are useful links on there for resources.
    Australian Bureau of Statistics website has lot sof useful stuff about the make up of our nation with regards to country of origin... we are a nation of immigrants. Therefore we celebrate many different days just like Britain does.
    ANZAC day is a biggy, then Easter and Christmas. Boxing Day celebrations are a bit different here. I have lived in Britain and when I was there it seemed we did another Christmas day with the other half of the family. Here in Sydney there is a huge yacht race called the Sydney to Hobart which starts out of the Sydney heads - it's a very dangerous race, perhaps the children could map it. Boxing day here tends to be about the beach, bbqs and swimming. Christmas day the lunch will often look just like an English Christmas dinner - roast, goose, turkey, ham and all the trimmings. The alternative is that you do the whole seafood thing, prawns, salmon, and the fish markets at Pyrmont in Sydney stay open for 24 hours to allow for demand.
    You could look at how the seasons are reversed because of being in the Southern hemisphere, and the time difference if you can put international time in to your maths planning.
    I have just done a unit on Australian Bush Poetry - Dorthothe McKellar's My Country is iconic here, I did a powerpoint that linked every line of the poem to an original oil painting of an Australian landscape.. then students selected a line each of the poem, drew their own pastel interpretations (with some photos as inspiration) and wrote their own four line poem with metaphores to describe the landscape. The first verse of the poem is actually Dorothea describing to people in England when she is there on a trip why she loves Australia so much. The first verse is often removed in Australia because it speaks of the English coutnryside, nice juxtoposition.
    If you like I can send you the powerpoint, lesson plans and photographs we used as stimulus.
  10. celebrate and dress up for the melbourne cup!
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I was being sarcastic!!Mind you, I have seen a literacy consultant doing some lessons using this idea.
  12. CB123

    CB123 New commenter

    When I did Australia we did a lot of work on the Great Barrier Reef , it has some great geography links for consevation. We also linked some of the work to Finding Nemo.
    Aboriginal Art work was also a hit with the kids. We made mini digeredoos and decorated them in aboriginal art
  13. moggycat

    moggycat New commenter

    Great thanks! Sarcasm,, just what I need!
  14. hi
    i would love to get a copy foreverfeminine@yahoo.com.au
  15. slippeddisc

    slippeddisc New commenter

    You could look at the negative side of Australia day too as well as the positives i.e. looking it from the point of view of the aboriginal people.
  16. Hello

    I have just taken over a class for a maternity leave and the only info I got about our topic was Australia! I'd love to wow the class and get them really interested in it. Is there any chance that you still have your powerpoint, lesson plans etc and that I could get a copy of these?

    I would be VERY grateful. Thanks, Kaz
  17. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    Welcome to TES, Kaz sparnon
  18. Thank you! I've used the resources section loads but not thought about this forum before!
  19. Hi

    I did a culture week about Australia a while ago and uploaded it one the primary resources website - some ideas that might help!

    Think it's under 'other' or 'theme'

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