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Australia - have I got this right?

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by emcljo, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I want to apply to work in Australia as a secondary school teacher - I have done the points test and qualify for a visa but I am slightly confused re all the sponsor/registration stuff and would really be very grateful if you have knowledge with this you would offer some advice.
    I really only want to work in Indepedent schools and have heard that they can sponsor the visa - do I still need registration if this is the case? How would I know if they are prepared to do this - would it say so in the advert for instance? Do I only need state registration if I was to apply to state schools? If I get a realtive to sponsor the visa what would the school have to do then? Do I have to work in the same state as the relative? If the school won't sponsor and say I didn't have a relative can I still get the Visa? How long does the visa last - when would I be able to apply for permanent residency? I have heard that all required documents need to be verified - is this for the visa in the first place or is this after you get the visa for the registration bit - or perhaps both!!!
    Sorry that really is a whole list of questions but just started looking and after searching on here (which I know some of you think I should be doing first ;-) ) I am still rather confused?
    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to take time to help
  2. Right, a whole heap of questions there lol.
    Depending on what subject you teach you have a couple of options with regards to visas - the 176 is either State or Family sponsored - state is 'better' though as it goes through quicker (at the moment, a couple of months end to end). The 175 is the non-sponsored visa, other than that it is the same as the 175 <u>but</u> it is taking about 12-18 months to go through at the moment. Both of these are perm. visas - once you have one you have 12 months to validate, and it lasts for 5 years and you can apply for citizenship after 4 years (if you have UK Citizenship you can have dual citizenship) - or just renew your PR visa for another 5 years. The 457 is the employer sponsored option - it goes through pretty quickly once you have an employer to sponsor you, but (I don't like this visa so this is going to sound biased) if you lose your job you have 28 days to find an equivilant job, with the same wage/conditions etc, or leave the country. So if you find you hate your employer, or they are taking the mick or something, they have you over a barrel really. Not a fun place to be imho. This is also only a temp visa, it lasts for 4 years. You can then apply for another, or a different sort of visa. Don't know about the being in the same state as the family member - if you look on the DIAC website there should be all the ins and outs on family sponsored visas, I've found it quite comprehensive on things like that.
    Each state has different requirements with regards to registration requirements etc - if you google the state/s you are interested in working in and 'Education Board' or 'Teacher Registration' you will find the relevant website with the details for that state on. From my experience it probably won't say in the advert whether or not they will sponsor you, you would have to email/phone and ask outright. State registration isn't that hard though really, just a bit of paperwork and twiddling of thumbs.
    Documents need to be verified for AITSL, who will assess if you are a teacher or not according to Australia - that's pretty easy though as you can get a long list of people to do so (like a Registered Medical practioner, or your headteacher) unlike a lot of other professions. For the actual visa you can just scan in the original copies and upload them, you don't need to get them verified. For registration in state they will see original copies in my case so not an issue.
    Hope that helps a bit :)
  3. Wow thanks so much Happy Pixie - you have helped loads. I will read and digest this again and hopefully get started! Can I ask one more question - I was looking at the cost of using an agent and it seems soooooo expensive - $5,500AUD!!! Is it easy enough to do ourselves? I have looked at the visa form and the AITSL form and both look fairly straightforward - or am I being naive? Is there any time advantage to using an agent other than the time saved by ourselves in doing all the form filling etc..... i.e. does the Aus Gov give preference to agent assisted applications?
    Thanks again, really appreciate the time you took to reply, so useful. :)
  4. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    Can't tell you about Oz in this respect, but for Canada and NZ the only reason for using an agent is a desire to throw away money. The agent cannot influence the outcome, and as you seem to have worked out for yourself the forms are straightforward.

    One thing you seem not to have considered is how realistic your chances are of getting a job in Oz. As a NZ citizen I could fly over there tomorrow to look for a position. My main subject is maths, and I can also teach physics and chemistry at senior level, but from what I've heard there really aren't that many vacancies, unless you want to go bush, or teach in a really rough state school. As always, if I'm wrong on this point I would welcome being corrected by other posters.
  5. Hate to disagree with you David, but i think it depends on where you want to go - and with your subjects I seriously don't think there would be any problems getting a position - I can only speak about SA really, but from my small amount of research in other states, and talking to people, Science and Maths are in need everywhere (in SA there is currently a scheme to train up Science and Maths teachers, upskill them and so on in streams, its a state focus as the need is so great apparently).
    In SA, they have just released the jobs for Metro areas for next year (State school jobs that is), (in Adelaide) and there are LOADS and LOADS. I think overall - if you are Primary and want to work in the traditionally popular places (especially Sydney/Melbourne) it is tricky - especially with NSW points system - and it seems to work differently in that it is who you know, not what you know, but if you can do supply for a bit and get your face known, then I don't know anyone who has tried to get a job, struggle. Its a little different in the way it works over there as well though which makes people think its impossible to get a job, in that perm. jobs like in the UK are not as common, they tend to work more on a contract system, but work is work imho :)
    Agree with you on the Agent front in general - if you are a straightforward case, then its not worth getting an agent for the whole thing (a free consult doesn't hurt though sometimes!), you end up doing all the work anyway, and there is no speedy processing for using an agent (apart from them knowing about all the different types of visas so may be able to suggest a different one that you hadn't thought of before - although if you have done the visa wizard on the DIAC website its unlikely). If you have a complex case (ie children from a previous relationship, disability or health issues, criminal record etc) then an agent can be helpful to guide you through what you need to do though. Otherwise, if you have lots of money and no time they are good because you don't need to research anything they just say 'fill in this form and this form' and you don't have to find the forms etc yourself. Whilst Agents are meant to be registered etc I have recently heard of quite a few leading people up the garden path unfortunately, so if you are going with one make sure a) they are MARN/MARA registered b) get personal recommendations!
  6. (PS We've done it all ourselves and its been super easy, even when I managed to upload all blank payslips and P60s lol! The Case Officers actually want to help you as well when applying for your visa, rather than trip you up we've found - very different from red tape in the UK!)
  7. David Getling

    David Getling Senior commenter

    No, thanks for that. I'm always thinking of heading back down under. A large part of the reason I left NZ was to be closer to my elderly parents in the UK. But the the schools aren't exactly fighting over me, in Europe, so Oz would be a nice option. I'd also consider going back to NZ, but one of the advantages of Oz is that all the states except NSW will give me full registration.

    The only (silly?) thing that puts me off Oz a bit is the thought that if I'm actually living there then sooner or later I'm going to wake up one morning to find some hairy spider, with a body the size of a mouse, sharing my pillow. Then, as the movies say, you'll believe a man can fly.
  8. Thanks all - you have put my mind at rest that I can actually do this and not throw loads of money away on using an agent! I have started filling in forms for both Australia and New Zealand - but not heard of the Visa Wizard so will give that a go first as may be filling in the wrong one - just playing around with the whole thing first. The EOI I have done properly but will need to find some pieces of info before I can complete that. I have fillied in most of the Teacher Skills Assessment one - although had not realised that they would want the transcripts for every year I studied and evidence of how many days of teaching practise I did! Hopefully the University will have copies of these as I certainly don't! Thanks for all the advice and hints and tips - you are making it miles better.
    The sipders do put me off somedays and the snakes and crocs and and and but then I remember all the other great things and I get it all back in perspective.....but yeah maybe NZ would be better lol! Thanks so much once again
  9. Lalalalalalalala - I am NOT listening, my fingers are in my ears and I am in total and utter denial at the possiblity that I will ever see any spider of any sort down under. [​IMG]
  10. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    It looks like we'll be moving to Aus (NSW) in a few weeks. My OH has a job working and after 2/3 months they will be sponsoring us for a visa. Does this mean I can't apply for a permanent teaching job until then?
    Thank you! x
  11. Depends on what visa you are going out on initially - you can't work if you don't have a visa that allows it, I'm a little confused as to how your OH is managing to work there for 2/3 months seemingly without a work visa? A bit more info needed really.
  12. Oh but you will.....
    I hope this is helpful.
  13. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Sorry I think everyone is a mind reader! [​IMG] We'll be going on working holiday visas until the sponsorship goes through x

  14. :D Makes a bit more sense now :) - OK, you probably won't be able to get a perm. job on a WHV because you can't work for more than 6 months for the same employer on it, and schools don't need really to employ people who aren't going to be there (ie they can be a *bit* picky). Couple of exceptions to this - short term contracts specifically less than 6 months, (but you couldn't then go and work in another state school at all after that, not on contract or relief either via Ed. Dept) as its 6 months in total, not in a chunk), or if you weren't in metro central (ie Sydney) especially if you were *very* rural.
    However, you should be fine for relief whilst on WHV, and then once your OH is on a 475 you will also be eligble to work (as long as you can prove de facto if you aren't married), and should be ok to go for more 'normal' jobs as it were. To be honest, time and time again I speak to people and they say its not what you know, but who you know, so a time doing supply work will get your face known and be a good thing when trying to get a perm. job imho.
    Hope that helps a bit, just be aware if you are going to Sydney, Primary jobs (from what I have heard) are not easy to come by apparently, so just be flexi :) Good luck and enjoy :)

  15. See, here on the page, he is quite cute really. Just in real life I don't like them. Fail.
  16. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Thanks for the info. We'll be in Central NSW near the Blue Mountains and I'm secondary so finegrs crossed there is something xx
  17. Is that a defeated crab?
    Or one with an eating disorder?
    Like models have.

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