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Australia advice

Discussion in 'Personal' started by thewhiterabbit, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I need advice whilst planning a trip to Australia in the Summer. We can only go for 3 weeks cos of other half's holiday - and we want to go to Bali for a few days on the way back.
    The way flights are - we can arrive in Cairns on a Wed morning and stay there until the Sunday when we fly to Sydney until the Thursday and then fly to Melbourne until the Tuesday then fly home.
    Other half thinks we should spend longer in Sydney. Neither of us has ever been to Australia before so would appreciate any advice! Do those days sound decent enough? Should we move anything about?

  2. Sounds about right, but being as Cairns was battered by Yasi, you may want to ensure the basic tourist things are back up and running. They should be, and they need tourists to reboot the economy, but just make sure they are. From Cairns, you will want to do a reef tour and or go up into the rainforest. Cairns itself is pretty boring....

    Equal time in Melbourne and Sydney. You could easily spend 3 weeks in each.

  3. It's a tight schedule, but you can pack a lot in. When we've been to oz we've been for 5-6 weeks and limit our stops with the view that you can't do it all so leave some places for next time!
    Unless you're really into cities, I would have an extra day or two in Queensland, and less time in Sydney and/or Melbourne (though I haven't been to Melbourne).
    It all depends on what you like to do on holiday. Queensland is great for the 'big outdoors' stuff - Daintree rainforest, Atherton tablelands, Great Barrier Reef etc. Absolutely stunning.
    Where are you planning to stay in Queensland? Cairns isn't very nice imo, you're better off a few miles north in Palm Cove or Port Douglas.
    When in Sydney try to take a side trip out to the Blue Mountains (about 2hrs away).
  4. The timings sound pretty good - I personally don't think you need any longer in Sydney. We had 3 full days there at that was more than enough - we spent 2 days wandering around (it isn't very big, but we stopped and shopped, climbed the Harbour Bridge (best thing I have done - highly recommended), went on a ferry, visited the Botanic Gardens etc). I wish we had been to the Blue Mountains -everyone said they were really good - worth a day trip at least.
    Cairns is pretty dull - although ideal to see the Barrier Reef. You can't swim in the sea, but they have a lagoon you can go in. Personally I would stay in Port Douglas which is just north of Cairns - a really nice town. Take a day trip to Cape Tribulation to see the rainforest + lots of wildlife. (Because you are going in thier winter there is less chance of seeing many spiders, which is a bonus!).
    Queensland is an amazing state - so much to do!
  5. My advice would be

    Do not take any food with you

    My latest obsession TV-wise is border control and the number of people who try to take food in amazes me
  6. Thank you for all the advice. A lot of people have said Port Douglas over Cairns so I think we will definitely do that. I'm excited about going - I know ideally we should go for longer but I want to try and pack in as much as we can in the short amount of time, without overdoing it!
    I'm going to confirm the flights tomorrow and then be even more excited than usual about the Summer holidays!
  7. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    are you arranging the flights yourself or doing them through a company or travel package?
  8. karentee

    karentee New commenter

    I'm in agreement with the others, more time in Queensland and less time in Sydney, especilaly in the summer as Sydney can be cold and wet in August. Port Douglas is lovely but I quite liked Cairns too.
  9. Thanks for the advice. I'm booking the flights through an operator to make it easier for myself! I should have said already - my friend is living in Sydney so we want to go and visit her and she wants to come with us to Melbourne - so I definitely want to go there for a few days but also have days in the north at the beginning and Bali at the end.
    I've got to confirm flights today. I'm so excited!
  10. I also forgot to mention that the weather in northern Queensland will be much warmer as you're in the tropics. Not too hot, but very pleasant.
    I haven't been to Bali but I hear it's lovely.
    I hope you get everything booked up today, although you might find the cost of flights a bit eye-watering!
    Have a great time!
  11. We went in Dec/Jan & really enjoyed Melbourne and took a day trip out to the Great Ocean Road- highly recommended- beautiful ocean views, wild koalas & a rainforest walk- lovely. We loved Melbourne, v beautiful, relaxed, great coffee & quite a european feel re Victorian buildings. Sydney was of course beautiful but 3 days would be more than enough.
  12. <font size="3">Why would anyone think Sydney is small? It's over 12000 sq kms. 10% of Australia's population lives in Sydney's western suburbs alone - it's huge. The city centre is obviously smaller than London, but so are most other cities. But they don't have the Harbour, the Bridge or the Opera House, let alone the beaches or the Blue Mountains. </font>Queensland will be in its dry season, far and away the best time to go. Melbourne can be a bit cold (by Australian standards) in winter but the cafe, restaurant and other culture stuff makes up for it. I hate the cold and the wet so I personally wouldn't be too enthused about driving the Great Ocean Road at that time - but a lot of people do. I'd go for the wildlife parks and multitude of other attractions nearer the city for just a few days' visit.
  13. Yes, Sydney is large, but most of those sq kms are sprawling suburbs (think 'Neighbours'). The centre is quite compact and 3 days is enough. I was actually a bit underwhelmed! I loved getting out of the city to the Blue Mtns or the northern beaches, and towards the NSW/QLD border.
    We'd like to have a stopover in Perth next time we go, and maybe even Darwin before meeting rellies in Sydney.
  14. mathsman

    mathsman Occasional commenter

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